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Submitting to Modeling Agencies During a Pandemic: What to Expect

Ever since COVID 19 decided to make itself at home, every industry and business known to man has had to make changes. I already did a post about modeling during this difficult time but it's also important to highlight some useful information for aspiring models on the search for agency representation.Unfortunately, this isn't such a hot time right now for agencies when it comes to finding new faces. Not all agencies operate the same way and each market has its own guidelines for how to pursue "business as usual," so your experience submitting to agencies will vary widely depending on where you live, what market the agencies are located in, the type of modeling you want to pursue, etc.To help curb any anxiety or confusion, below are a few things to keep in mind to prepare you for what to expect:NO OPEN CALLSA majority of modeling agencies have suspended all open calls until further notice. This announcement is a common one splashed on the homepages of many agency site…

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