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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat #3: Saturday, September 27 @ 5pm PST

Hello, readers!

I'm trying to plan the next Modeling 101 Skype Group Chat and am looking at Saturday, 9/27 at 5pm PST (California Time).

The topic is going to be about freelance modeling this time: what it is, how to get into it the right way and tips to increase your odds for success.

I really need feedback to find out who would be interested and able to attend so I plan on doing another poll on my blog, as well as asking you guys to comment on this post to let me know if that date and time would work for you. I'll go with the majority feedback.

If you aren't already a member of my Skype group, which is the only way you can join in on the calls, you'll need to either add me on Skype: dania.denise (my profile picture is a closeup, black and white headshot...in case more than one profile with that name pops up). Or you can email me your Skype ID (so I can add you to the group)...you can send this info to my direct email: daniadenise@gmail.com.

I keep all info private so your Skype ID will not be published on my blog or elsewhere. I hope to receive enough feedback from everyone so I can make this third Skype group chat beneficial for those that are truly interested in participating.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Latest on Dania Denise: September 2014

I know, I know, this post was written on August 31 but it's basically already September so why not get a jump on the new month? :-)

2014 has been an interesting year so far. As you've probably noticed, it's the first year since this blog was started that I've had the least total number of posts. That's not for lack of caring, however.

I wear many hats and that includes running two art businesses (solely owned and operated by myself). Those businesses have been hopping since late last year so I dedicated a lot of my time and energy into fulfilling those commitments.

I was still going on castings, auditions and booking work but not as much--mostly because I wasn't as actively marketing myself to opportunities as I normally did. However, summer was also a very slow season for me for any number of reasons but just recently (literally like 2 weeks ago), modeling and acting began picking up speed and I've been doing shoots and other projects left and right. Back to the balance between my two worlds. Not to mention that whatever downtime I had was spent with a lot of mentoring/consulting and advising newbie models so I was still in the modeling loop in that sense.

So that's the main reason why I've been less active on my blog but nonetheless I never forgot about my readers and did manage to get one YouTube video posted to my channel recently. I'm thinking if I can get 1 video on YouTube per month at a minimum, at least that's better than nothing.

I've been shooting local commercials and pursuing movie roles as well but now have a great opportunity in front of me with the modeling side of my career that I'm super excited about.

I'm in the running to be the face of a brand new cosmetics line and will be walking in the STOMP THE RUNWAY FASHION SHOW, where the Final 4 (and ultimately the winner) will be announced live. The show is taking place in Sacramento, California on Saturday, October 4th.

Not only did I want to share this news with my readers here on my blog, I also wanted to provide an open invitation to any of you that is local to Northern California to attend, show support and meet me in person!

Buy your tickets early for the best prices and feel free to invite anyone and everyone who may be interested.

Here's the link: http://stomptherunwaysac.wix.com/strsac

It's up to the AUDIENCE TO VOTE WHO THEY WANT TO WIN the competition. That means I need as many supporters as possible at the event to root me on.

If you want to find out if I made it to the Final 4, you'll have to attend! Hope to see you there!!!

It goes without saying that walking away with this kind of title would be a huge notch on my resume and open up a number of networking possibilities to further my modeling career and brand. Out of 150+ applicants, 50 got invited to the first round of interviews (which I made the cut for). Out of those 50, the Top 12 were chosen and invited for a second round of interviews with a panel of judges (I made the cut for this one, too!). Here's a photo of the Top 12, as promoted by the cosmetics line on Facebook:

The last and final phase of this competition is choosing the Final 4 out of the Top 12. Those Final 4 will be announced during the fashion show and, as mentioned above, the audience will then get to to choose the winner. I'm really hoping it's me. I've already been promoting the event on Facebook and Twitter and other social media channels.

If any of you are local and believe you can make it, definitely purchase your tickets now while they're still affordable. It's going to be a fun and festive night filled with fashion, makeup, awesome sponsors, music and great people!

I'll definitely make sure to update you all on the deets of the show and the outcome in October!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quick Tip: 63

Category: Makeup
For: Male & Female Models

I'm including the male models in this post, too, since as we all know, male models wear makeup, too! :-)

If you've ever dealt with glitter in makeup (lip color/gloss, bronzer, eye shadow, etc.), you'll know that it can be a pain to get rid of. The best makeup removers on the market don't always get every little spec of sparkle.

I'm sure both you models and non-models alike out there have had at least one encounter with mystery glitter speckles suddenly catching your attention in the mirror or pointed out to you by someone.

To get rid of glitter in a more effective way then scrubbing your face raw, follow this nifty trick I learned from a great makeup artist out of San Francisco (I don't remember his name...gah!):

Take a small strip of Scotch tape (the clear kind or the kind that's a bit hazy/not as see-through), lay it on top of the area where the glitter is on your skin, gently press down and remove the strip. It's not rocket science to see why this works. The Scotch tape is enough of an adhesive that it will catch those pesky glitter flakes but not mess up your skin in the process.

You can do this several times until you've gotten it all out. You may need a new strip of tape if the glitter isn't being picked up after a while (this happens when the skin's natural oils get onto the tape, making the adhesive less sticky).

Btw: this trick is best used for those getaway glitter specks that you can't get rid of after you've already cleansed/washed your face/body. Do not go for the Scotch tape to remove glitter before you've cleansed!

Be sure to use Scotch tape, not duct tape, packaging tape or any other kind of tape. Keep it simple, folks!

Monday, July 28, 2014

How Do I Get My Baby Into Modeling?

How many times have you been told that your baby is so cute that he/she should be a model?

Well, if you think you're ready to dive into that adventure, then this post will point you in the right direction!

Btw: I've already written an intro blog post into this type of modeling, which you may want to check out by clicking on this link: Baby Modeling Tips.

It is important to note that "baby models" and "child models" are entirely different based on age ranges. Interested in getting your child into modeling? Then click on this link: How Do I Get My Child Into Modeling?

Let's keep things simple by breaking down where you should start and what steps are involved in this process:

Look for Local Agencies That Represent Babies

Believe it or not, not all agencies deal with babies or even kid models. Hit the Internet to find out what agencies are within a 2 hour's drive from where you live. Once you've got your search results, start browsing through the websites.

Most agency sites make it very clear what divisions/categories of models they represent so it shouldn't be hard to locate this information. Now that you've got your results narrowed down to the ones you can submit to, dig deeper into each of those agencies to find out how to submit yourself.

Read Submission Guidelines/Instructions Carefully

Any reputable and legit agency that represents babies will not require a professional portfolio or headshots of your baby. They just won't. It doesn't make sense to anyway since your baby is going to grow by leaps in bounds in a matter of no time.

Current, non professional snapshots of your baby will be more than enough to suffice. However, pay attention to any specifics listed on the agency websites about what kinds of pictures to send (i.e. closeup of baby's face smiling, full body shot of baby on his/her stomach and/or back, etc.).

The guidelines may vary on the age of your baby so prepare your submission accordingly. Parents of baby model hopefuls should know all of their baby's essential stats/measurements. While these will likely be listed on the agency website, common measurements they'll ask for include (but are not limited to):

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Low Hip
  • Inseam
  • Shoe size

Many agencies have directions on how to take these types of measurements accurately, which is super helpful so take advantage of that resource if you aren't sure.

Send In Your Submission & See What Happens

I'm not aware of any agencies that have open calls for baby models because...well...would YOU want to be in an agency were there are tons of parents with fussy, loud and maybe cranky babies all at the same time in one big group? Probably not. I say this because, far as I know, the main submission methods for baby modeling agencies is via email, electronic form on the website and regular snail mail.

Some agencies offer all methods of submission, while others may only accept snail mail or email submissions. Read those instructions carefully to find out which agencies will accept which methods so that you'll know what to do.

After you've sent off your baby's pictures and other materials/info, there isn't much you can do but play the waiting game. It could take a few weeks to hear back and agencies typically only respond to the people they are interested in so if you just never hear back, don't take it personally. Check the agency websites to see if they mention how long it usually takes to receive a response.

Do not call or email the agency to follow up and see if they've received your submission. Most websites state this explicitly. Even if they don't, it's bad form to follow up when it comes to submissions so just keep your fingers crossed and find something to occupy your time and thoughts with so you aren't driving yourself crazy.

The Agency Replied Back! Now What?

Receiving a response back from a baby modeling agency is exciting but you don't have bragging rights just yet. Should you and your baby get invited to an interview, this is the time to find out how to prepare. In most instances, you'll be given information and instructions related to how to prepare and what to expect.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the person at the agency who responded to you. They will be your point of contact, unless they've put you in touch with someone else at the agency who will be interacting with you. If they give you a packet or email with info, read all of it from top to bottom and then read it again BEFORE contacting them with questions.

Agencies are pretty good at their jobs and chances are they've given you all the basic answers and info you'll need in the materials they've provided you with. It should cover the important stuff like the address, date and time of your interview/meeting, as well as miscellaneous topics such as what your baby should wear, additional materials they may request and/or a brief description of what will take place during the interview.

In the end, if you end up getting a contract offer from the agency, here are some tips to handle what to do next:

  • Take the contract home so you can review it on your own time. Most agencies will tell you to take the contract home without you even having to ask. It is never okay for an agency to pressure you to sign a contract right then and there. Legit agencies know it is best to have you take the paperwork home but will give you a time frame for when they'll expect an answer as to whether or not you'll sign.
  • Upfront fees are a no-no. By definition, an "upfront fee" is an expense or charge that is required before you are offered a contract. This could be for things like workshops, photoshoots, portfolios, etc. In the U.S., the only time any fees can be talked about is after you've signed the contract and are being represented by the agency...not before. Period.

  • Reflect back on the interview. The agency you sign your baby with is going to be a business you'll be working with closely. So it only makes sense to join an agency you feel comfortable with. Take some time at home to reflect on the overall experience with the interview. Did you feel welcomed by the staff and treated with respect and courtesy? Was the office professional in appearance? Was the person that interviewed you knowledgeable about the industry and presented a good introduction to their agency and what it would be like to work with them? First impressions and gut instincts are important when it comes to things like this. If there are any red flags or a nagging feeling of doubt, chances are it's for a reason and you should listen.
  • Don't sign if you've got questions or don't understand something! This is the biggest mistakes many parents of models and even models themselves make. Don't be so eager to get things going that you sign a contract without fully understanding what you're agreeing to. It is perfectly fine to ask the agency questions and to clarify ANYTHING in the contract you aren't sure about. This is the time to be inquisitive...there isn't much that can be done after your signature has gone onto the contract.