Working with Dania Denise

This page is for those in the industry that wish to work with me. The information on this page will help me take your offer into serious consideration. Please note that I am first and foremost a businesswoman and a brand--my resume and portfolio showcase my experience in the industry, plus I keep a very busy schedule. That being said, if I choose to not work with you, please do not take it personally...I do have my reasons (see the "Additional Info" section below).


If you are interested in working with me, there are two methods of contact:

23 Grant Ave. 
San Francisco, CA 94108

*Print Agent: 
- AJ Jones -

*Acting Agent(s): 
- Elena Ng -; Phone: Ext. 130

- Alessandra Rhodes -; Phone: Ext. 124


If you choose to email me directly, please include the following information:

- Theme/Concept of the shoot
- Location
- Date/Time
- Compensation (Is it a paid project? TF*, etc? Please note that paid projects will always take priority)
- Will hair, makeup, wardrobe, styling be provided? If not, what am I required to bring?
- Purpose of the shoot (Portfolio update, publication, website, tearsheets, campaign, etc?)
- What will I receive in return? (Prints, tearsheets, retouched images, raw images, etc?)
- Link to your website or gallery/portfolio of work


The same list of criteria applies. However, it is important to let me know if you have a photographer on board for the shoot/project or if you are in need of one. In the latter situation, I do have a roster of photographers that I can refer. For shoots that already have a photographer, please send me a link to his/her work, as well as yours.


Common courtesy and professionalism go such a long way with me. When contacting me, please introduce yourself and give me some idea of who you are and what you've done--please be aware that there is a big difference between giving me a brief recap of your experience and just plain bragging and name-dropping...that's a big pet peeve of mine lol.

Again, I pride myself as a brand and a businesswoman so I am very selective about who I work with. Below are some of the reasons why I may choose to not work with you at this point in time:

1) Your concept/theme is something that I do not currently need in my portfolio.

2) Your concept/theme does not relate to the type of modeling I specialize in.

3) The caliber of your work is not of a level that I feel would benefit my portfolio. (This is not my way of being a diva...again, it's all business. It's like winning a million dollars and choosing to buy an old car that could crap out on you at any moment instead of something nicer--it just isn't practical. :-p)

4) The tone of your email/phone call is unprofessional and/or rude (and, yes, ghetto does fall under this category'd be surprised by some of the messages I get from people and how they phrase things...goodness gracious!)

5) You have a history of being unorganized, unprofessional, late, difficult to work with, etc.

6) If you can't stop talking about who you shoot with, what you've done, how much money you make, blah, blah, blah...I can do without egos--it's just unattractive and distracting, especially when trying to do business.

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