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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tips for Getting to Your Modeling Castings On Time, Every Time

It goes without saying that arriving on time to castings is one of the biggest ways to make a good first impression when it comes to establishing a good reputation in the modeling world.

Those new to modeling--especially you freelance models out there--have a lot of new territory to encounter and I hope this post gives you less to stress about.

When you're not stressed, you're able to focus more on performing well during the casting and hopefully setting yourself up to get hired for that modeling job!

Some of these tips are common sense but like I always say, "Common sense just isn't common enough." Believe me, if I didn't feel these things needed to be mentioned, I wouldn't even bother but if I can help even one person have an "AHA!" moment in realizing mistakes they may have made in the past (and can now correct moving forward), then I will have considered this post a success.

Lets get to it!


Soon as you're confirmed for a casting and have the date/time/location, make sure to identify who your "contact person" will be at the casting (if this info hasn't been provided to you already).

You'll want to know the name of the person and a number they can be reached at during business hours (8a-5p). BTW: It is extremely unprofessional to call your contact person in the evening, especially if it is a personal cell phone that they use to conduct business. The only exception is in the case of an emergency or if you cannot make it to the casting last minute.

If you haven't been told who your contact person is, just ask. Even if you're told that you don't need to worry about having a contact person, the fact that you asked reflects very well on you and is a great sign of your professionalism.


Nothing is more nerve-wracking than sending an email inquiry or leaving a voicemail the day/night before a casting and not hearing back from someone in time.

Avoid putting yourself in this situation by confirming all the details and asking any questions you may have several days (2-3 days) before the date of your casting. This gives the client/casting director the time necessary to get back to you soon as they are available. Remember, they have busy schedules as well and may not be able to get back to you right away.

The sooner you get things clarified, the better prepared you'll be by the time the casting date comes around.


We have too much technology these days to have the excuse of being late because models didn't know where to go.

Whether you're taking public transit or driving, look up the directions for how to get to your casting soon as you have the address available. Doing this in advance instead of waiting the day of will decrease the odds of any unexpected surprises. You literally have to be prepared for anything so do yourself a favor and plan ahead.

Don't just know how to get to the casting--use Google Maps to look up what the actual location looks like. Being able to recognize the building when you get there shaves minutes off your arrival time.

Go a step further and look at the parking situation if you plan on driving. Are there meters? Parking garages nearby? Free parking in a residential area? Google Maps shows the surrounding areas so take note of that and factor it into how much time you'll need to get there on time.

Anyone who's had to find parking in an area that is metered or offers free sidewalk parking knows it can take forever to find an open spot nearby and could take even longer if you have to park blocks away and walk.


I purposely make it a habit to arrive to castings at least 30 minutes before my casting call time. I have no problem getting to places really early because it not only guarantees I won't be late and have plenty of time for parking, it gives me a moment to prepare my game face and go over what to expect at the casting.

Additionally, it allows me to double check that I have all the stuff I need (i.e. headshot/comp card) and to check my hair and makeup one last time before heading in.

Trust me, it's much better to find yourself with time to kill instead of rushing into the casting frantic because you came close to being late or ended up being late.

If you have the habit of being late to everything in general, chances are you won't be a favorite at castings. Implementing these tips and learning to embrace them as a part of your modeling career will produce instant results not just in building a good rep for yourself in the industry but giving you peace of mind as well that you'll have less to worry about before each casting and give you the confidence that you'll be stepping in as the best version of yourself.