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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dos & Don't of Modeling Snapshots (Male Models)

Submitting quality snapshots is just as crucial for aspiring male models as their female counterparts.

While there isn't as much for male models to worry about, that doesn't mean the snapshots they submit to modeling agencies should be a free-for-all.

Some of the dos and don'ts listed below are the same as listed in my blog post for female models, however, it is still important to mention it separately here as well.

DO: Follow Any & All Instructions

Agency websites contain all the info new models need to know, including what kinds of snapshots to send. Many even post reference images to copy. If you come across an agency site that has all this laid out, follow the instructions to a tee.

DON'T: Take Random Snapshots

It's great when there's a site with full guidelines but even if you come across an agency with a website where there isn't much info or none at all about what types of snapshots to send, you can follow the bare minimum requirements:

- 1 closeup headshot (smiling if you're submitting for commercial/print/lifestyle, non-smiling if you're submitting for runway/fashion/editorial)

- 1 half body shot (facing the camera, hands at your sides, no posing)

- 1 profile or 3/4 body shot (body and face should be in profile to the camera)

DO: Have Someone Take Your Photos for You

Even though I've seen a few agency websites state that "selfies" are acceptable, a larger majority of agencies want better quality snapshots and that can be easily accomplished when someone else is taking the photo of you. Not only will the resulting images look better, it'll give you less to worry about so you can focus on taking a good picture.

DON'T: Treat It Like a Photoshoot

Snapshots are non-professional in quality for a reason: it gives modeling agencies the opportunity to see what you REALLY look like. The purpose of modeling snapshots is to show what you look like at your most natural. This is also why you don't need to pose. Fellas, that means no "GQ" poses with your hand resting underneath your chin like you're deep in thought, no far off gaze like you're trying to find the meaning of life, etc.

Facing the camera directly and not posing is going to be your best bet.

DO: Wear the Right Clothes

Obviously, the type of clothing male models should wear in snapshots is going to be drastically different from female models. Similar guidelines apply when it comes to color and style of course. When it comes to choosing the clothes you'll wear, avoid the following:

- brand names/logos
- graphics
- busy patterns (plaids, tiny polka dots, stripes)

The focus of the snapshots should be you, not the clothing. Ideal wardrobe choices include:

- solid colored t-shirt or tanktop
- solid colored shorts that aren't baggy (no sagging, please!!!)
- no shoes or socks are necessary (pay attention to that personal grooming when it comes to your tootsies, guys!)

DON'T: Get Naked

We all know that male models are famous for sporting amazing washboard abs and a physique that just makes people drool. However, that doesn't mean you should show agencies all your goodies up front. You'd be surprised by how many naive models (ladies, this does apply to some of you as well), who think it's required and appropriate to submit naked snapshots of themselves for agency consideration.

The clothing ideas listed above are more than enough to meet the minimum requirements for submissions. Want to really show off your body but in a way that is acceptable to agencies? Then you can go shirtless with jeans, a solid colored pair of swim trunks or underwear (boxer briefs, boxers or tightie whities are all fine).

DO: Put the Focus on You

Your snapshots should only have you in the photo. That means no cropping your friends/girlfriend/family out of the group photo that you think you look fabulous in. Additionally, take your snapshots against a plain, light colored wall with no clutter around it. That means no hanging paintings or picture frames or piles of clothes/shoes on the floor. Anything that can take the agency's attention away from you in the photo is a major no-no.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dania Denise Latest Tearsheet - Second Book Cover

I haven't had a chance to blog about my experience shooting for romance novel covers but I will be sure to recount that most interesting work experience soon. :-)

Till then, I am happy to say I can share my latest tearsheet, which happens to also be the second book cover I've gotten in my modeling career. The male model is Jimmy Thomas who is the new Fabio (for those of you not old enough to know Fabio, he was THE heartthrob of women everywhere by being one of the most popular male models on romance novel covers back in the 1980s and 1990s).

Jimmy Thomas is currently one of the most popular male models in the romance novel genre and his images have appeared on thousands of covers (you read that right--thousands...that's thanks to the huge boom with e-books and other digital formats).

Here's the cover we both appear on...I believe it should be on the market soon if it hasn't already been published:
Me and Jimmy shot many different sets for our shoot and the cool thing about that is those images will be used just like stock photography--any author has the ability to purchase the limited rights to use the photos of their choice for their book covers.

That means this won't be the only image I could potentially be on. Jimmy told me that soon as any of our other images gets published, he'll send me the cover like he did with this one. Fingers crossed that I get some with my face in it! LOL