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The wonderful thing about creating Modeling 101 - A Model's Diary is that I've had the opportunity to reach out and help others reach their goals...or at least know where to start in their journey. The information below will help you figure out how to best utilize my experience in the industry to provide you with assistance in kicking off or maintaining your modeling career. My services are available to both male and female models of all ages, as well as parents of models, regardless of experience.


Please email me at: if you require any of the following mentoring services (mentoring services via email/chat/social networking is free of charge):
  • Locate Agencies: By knowing your current city/state (not your address), I can help you find legitimate, reputable agencies in your area to submit to. I also include basic instructions on how to navigate each agency's website so that you get direct access to the information that deals with submission guidelines.
  • Photo Evaluations: I do not work for an agency, nor am I sponsored/endorsed by any. But if you want to make sure that your professional or non-pro, digital snapshots are the right kind that are acceptable to send to agencies, by all means, send your jpegs over (please resize them to be smaller than 1MB when emailing as attachments). I'll critique them, tell you what needs to be fixed (if anything) and also provide reference images that you can use to make sure your submission is exactly what agencies are looking for.
  • Career Advice: Freelance or agency represented, we all find ourselves in situations where we could use another person's opinion. Feel free to pick my brain to find out what my take is on any situation you're dealing with that is related to agency representation, finding gigs, networking, dealing with contracts or anything else that comes to mind.
  • Business Card/Comp Card Design & Resume Creation: I have graphic design experience and can help you put together a great modeling business card or comp card design. You provide me with the pictures and your stats/info and in return you'll get a hi-res jpeg you can use to print your own cards at home or to upload and have printed through a professional website. Want a great looking modeling resume that lists your accomplishments? I can do that, too. RATES: I charge a flat rate of $25 for each service (1-2 edits/revisions are included in this fee). Additional charges may apply if you request too many revisions/changes or simply become too difficult/picky to deal with lol. 

This set of services apply to models of all experience levels, that are local to me in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento area and everywhere in between. If you feel that you require one-on-one coaching, I'm always available. I don't work with or am affiliated with any modeling schools or conventions...I offer these services in order to give models hands-on training in whatever areas they need help with. Because this type of service does require me to travel and dedicate time out of my work schedule, I do charge very fair rates (have you SEEN the gas prices lately? lol).
  • Photoshoot Coaching/Concept Creation for Freelance Models (NEW SERVICE!!!): Need help planning a photoshoot? Not sure what looks, locations and poses you should use to create your portfolio? I can help you from start to finish! This service also includes having me on-set/location with you during the shoot, helping you develop poses and providing feedback (and even light styling services) so that you'll produce the strongest portfolio images.
  • Posing/Runway Walk: Whether you want to be more comfortable in front of the camera or on a catwalk, I'd be more than happy to help you learn/develop signature poses, strengthen/critique your runway walk and bring out your inner diva.
  • Pageantry: I have done a handful of pageants over the years--the most recent being the 2008 Miss California USA Pageant, where I competed as "Miss North Bay Area." Depending on the pageant you are participating in, I can help you polish your interview skills, modeling routine, stage presence and walk.
  • Acting: Yes, I act, too! I've been doing acting as long as I've been modeling and have a long list of credits on my resume. This service is ideal for models that also wish to break into acting or if acting alone is your main goal. I can help with rehearsing monologues and scripts, doing mock auditions, critiquing performances, as well as finding talent agencies and acting workshops in your area. As a professional writer, I also have experience writing original monologues/short 1-2 person scripts so if you need something unique, I'm your gal!
  • Child Models & Actors: Two of my current one-on-one students are 10 years of age (can provide references if needed). I love kids/teens and work well with all ages. However, when it comes to coaching, at this time I am only working with students ages 10 and up. I can help prepare your child for a career in the entertainment industry using teaching techniques and exercises that are suitable for their age group, as well as help you find agencies to avoid any scams or shady operations.
RATES: For one-on-one coaching services, I currently charge a flat rate of $75 per class (length of time: 1-1 1/2 hours). For each additional half hour, a charge of $25 will be added to the $75 total. Payment is due at the end of each exceptions. I teach my students privately in their homes (child students MUST have at least one parent/guardian present) or we can arrange for a public meeting place, whatever makes you comfortable. Please email me at: for more details if you are interested.


In addition to models, photographers, makeup/hair/wardrobe stylists and other industry professionals (even start-up agencies) have contacted me for my insight on how to tackle certain situations. Email me at: with any and all of your questions and concerns related to the following (For now, these consultation services are free of charge via email/chat/social networking):
  • Networking: Need to find a model for a project? Not sure how to go about putting together a casting call? I can help.
  • General Questions: Want to know the basics when it comes to photoshoots, running a casting call, putting together a fashion show and/or any other related project? I can give you the inside scoop from a model's perspective.
  • Contracts: Need a custom model release form? Want to have a model questionnaire and/or contact sheet created but don't have the time or the know-how? I know how. =)

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