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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dania Denise on Twitter!

Thanks to all of my readers that took my poll, asking whether I should be on Twitter or not. To be honest, I've been fighting the Twitter bandwagon for a while now LOL but I want to give you guys what you ask for so I am happy to announce that you can now follow me on Twitter @daniadenise.

Be patient with me as I eventually learn how to navigate the Twitter-verse...but I'll definitely be sure to Tweet regularly when it comes to castings, go-sees, shoots and anything else that I get into when it comes to modeling and acting.

Gonna do my first Tweet in a few minutes...wonder what it should be about?

Brocade Wedding Promo Video - Spring 2011 Season

I'm pretty sure you've read at least one blog post where I've mentioned doing bridal shows. The production company I work through is called Brocade Weddings and they put on bridal fairs in Northern California.

Since last year I've been one of their bridal models and have had such an amazing time being a part of the Brocade family. This year the budget is bigger, the designers are stepping up their game and the models are definitely on point.

This past Sunday we did the biggest show of the season, which took place at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. There was tons of media there, one of the local radio stations and both bridal shows were packed.

Sometimes it's hard to track down photos, video and other footage from our shows since we don't know all the press people that are invited but luckily one of my fellow bridal models pointed me to a YouTube video that the company has been using to help promote the events. The footage in this video is from a show we did a few weeks back. I'm in the very beginning and there's also a quick snippet of me a few seconds later.

Brocade Wedding Fairs isn't just about the fashion show...there are tons of awesome vendors that specialize in offering services within the wedding industry. Engaged couples have the opportunity to network, receive special deals and even win prizes by attending the fair, not to mention watching a live fashion show, where they can see what the latest trends are in wedding attire for brides, grooms and the entire bridal party.

Answering a Reader Question #126

Kso Wrote:

whats your email? i cant find it 

Hi, Kso! I put my email address in a comment below yours but also wanted to post it here, just in case you didn't have a chance to check that previous post. You can reach me at: daniadenise@gmail.com. If you click on my Blogger profile here on my blog, my email address is also listed there.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #125

Lauren Wrote:

Hey! I'm 14 years old.. almost 15, and I have wanted to be a Victoria's Secret model/angel for the longest time. I've already had some print experience for International companies, as well as American companies. But not any runway experience at all. Now that I am taller then I was when I last was discovered by an agent, I'm going to be talking to agents in New York that liked me while I was younger but wasn't tall enough. I'm about 5"8 now, very skinny, but from looking at the current VS angels, especially Rosie or Miranda, I do seem to have the correct body type. It has been said that I have an exotic look, but are natural freckles (not sun damage) be anything that they would be interested in? I am pretty fair skinned with semi-dark brown hair. With that aside, I weigh around 100 pounds and by the time I am 18, I'll probably weigh a little more and have more shape.

With that said, would print and runway experience before trying to become a VS model (or trying to sign with a top agency) help me? (If that made sense.) Thank you very much!

Hi, Lauren! Having freckles won't put you out of the running for being a VS model--in fact, it may actually help, since it would be something that would make you stand out. These days, there are more and more models with freckles so you shouldn't worry about that too much, especially if you don't have a huge amount (I'm sure you know what I mean).

As far as your question about having print and runway experience prior to being considered for VS, that will definitely help you in the long run because by the time you're 18, you will already have built a strong portfolio and become established in your career. Having prior experience doesn't mean you'll 100% be accepted as a VS model or by a top New York agency but it definitely won't harm your chances, either. So get signed and start putting yourself out there! Good luck!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #124

Anonymous Wrote:

Hey Dania! You mentioned that you write about skin care, I was wondering if you had any tips for getting rid of under-eye circles? Thanks! 

Howdy! Ah, under eye circles...they're the worst! There are a few different ways to approach this but it is important to first identify the cause. Common culprits include not getting enough sleep, maintaining a poor diet and not drinking enough water. However, if your under eye circles run in your family, then you'll probably want to invest in an eye cream or serum that is formulated to help deal with this issue. Hylexin is one of the leading products on the market that is specially formulated to correct the problem. If you want to learn more about Hylexin, here is a link:

Hylexin Product Page

However, if you're simply in need of natural remedies, then you can check out this information, which was taken from one of the articles I wrote about the subject for the website CareFair.com:

Natural Remedy #1:

- Combine cucumber juice, lanolin cream and lemon juice and apply to your under eye area.
- Let the mixture sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

Natural Remedy #2:

Fans of almond oil can use this product to gently massage their under eye area every night before bedtime.

Natural Remedy #3:

- Brew a cup of your favorite tea (green tea is ideal) and remove the teabag afterwards.
- Allow it to cool and then place on your eyes for 10 minutes.
- Remove the teabag and rinse the eye area.

Not only will this tried and true natural skincare remedy take care of your dark under eye circles, it will also reduce puffiness. Add a good quality eye cream to your skincare regimen as well. This is the icing on the cake. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Latest Shoot: Lifestyle/Couple Shoot

One of my goals was to completely revamp my portfolio (my physical "book," not my images online). My reason for doing this was to make sure that when I attended in-person castings, especially in the Los Angeles area, that my images would be of the best quality and truly show my diversity in looks--not to mention they needed to be updated anyway lol.

I wanted to have more lifestyle images in my new port so I put together the concept shoot called "Lazy Sunday," which is basically a candid look into the life of a couple in love. I contacted my fellow model, Cameron Clark, to play my hubby. I hired Peter Kyong of Kyong Photography, who I had worked with previously on two other shoots. Because the shoot was commercial in nature, there was no need for fancy hair, makeup or wardrobe styling, which made things really convenient.

Once I had my crew in place, I began doing research online for locations. Cameron suggested a bed and breakfast, which was an awesome idea, since I wanted the pictures to look like we were spending a day in our own home, instead of a hotel or something. After making a few phone calls, I managed to secure the Atherton Inn Bed & Breakfast, which was about an hour away from where we all lived. The owner had never had a photoshoot take place at her location before (aside from wedding related stuff) so I went over the process with her and worked out the details.

The shoot started at around 9am and we started in the bedroom, where we shot in the bed, out on the balcony and in the bathroom. Then we moved downstairs to the gourmet kitchen as well as the dining room area. The next location was the living room, where there was a great piano near the window. As the day wound down, we went back upstairs to shoot in front of a large window that overlooked the neighborhood.

Overall, the shoot went well. We laughed and joked the entire time and the day flew by. The staff at the bed and breakfast were wonderful and pretty much gave us free reign of the facilities. Out of 400-500 images I managed to narrow down my favorites to 10 and from there I narrowed it down further to create the collages that I've shared below:

The second collage image is actually going to be printed out for my portfolio.

The Latest on Dania Denise

It's only March and, boy, have I been busy! Here's a quick recap of projects I've done lately, modeling/acting-wise:

1) Lifestyle/Couple Shoot: I mentioned this project a while back and was very happy with the results. I shot with my friend, fellow model, Cameron Clark, and photographer Peter Kyong of Kyong Photography. Everything took place on location at the Atherton Inn Bed & Breakfast.

2) Finished a two-day shoot for a music video for artist Macsen Apollo. I played the lead girl/love interest. It's not one of those booty-shaking/club videos, either lol. It has the old school feel to it where there is actually a storyline being followed. We also got to shoot on a green screen for the special effects...I can't wait to see the finished product, which I hope will be done in the next few weeks.

3) Modeled in the Trends Era Black & Red Valentines Day Event in Oakland, where I was one of three models showcasing local designer, Amanda Howard, of Exception Designs.

4) Appeared as a guest on "Tha Shop Radio," which is a podcast radio show put on by a group of my fellow high school alumni. We had a great time and they're building a pretty strong following...I'm so proud of them! Here is a link to the episode I appeared on (***disclaimer: the show contains explicit language and content and is SO not for those under 18 years of age***):

Tha Shop Radio - Episode 5 with Dania Denise

5) Shot my third viral commercial project for Yahoo! Long days and freezing weather but, hey, it's a paycheck and adds to my resume lol. I can never keep track of where the footage appears so unfortunately, I don't have any links to those.

6) Attended a casting for the designer watch line GGI Time. Had a great experience and it was so much fun to see Gary Jamerson again, who is the owner/head designer of the company. I met him while networking at a fashion show I did last November. I've been chosen as one of the editorial models/faces for the line and his team is busy putting together my concept shoot as we speak. I'm SO looking forward to that shoot!

7) Bridal fittings left and right for the Brocade Wedding spring season. Because I have seniority now from doing the shows last year, I get to choose which events I want to attend. So I only do the paid shows, with the exception of the really large venues. This Sunday, March 27th, I'll be doing the bridal show at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, which is one of the most highly publicized shows of the season. It has a long runway, has the highest number of people in attendance and gets media coverage. I didn't do that venue last year so I am super excited to be a part of it in a few days.

8) Did a fashion shoot for couture headpiece designer, Caley Johnson, of Miss G Designs. The images will be published in Bay Fashion Magazine. More tearsheets...woot! I saw a preview of the images and omg, they are amazing!

9) Attended a casting--and got booked--for a shoot for a luxury jewelry designer line called Ms. Bellezza. I went from old Hollywood glam to straight rock and roll--the hair stylist gave me a pouffed out mohawk, a la Rihanna. Totally edgy and sexy. The images will be used in all of their advertising: business cards, catalogs, look book, website, etc.

10) I'm entering the Maxim Hometown Hotties contest and enlisted the help of one of my favorite photographers, James Edwards, of PStudios to do my submission photos. They are super sexy...actually, they're probably the sexiest (but classy, of course) pictures I've done to date. I already submitted myself and am hoping to hear back soon to find out whether or not I made it into the contest. Fingers crossed!

11) Got booked to do modeling/hosting work for a production company in St. Louis. They liked my work and resume and extended me a freelance contract offer to do paid events in St. Louis as well as California and other states where they have events. One of the first projects they want me on is a TV show that airs in the St. Louis area...I believe it's an entertainment show and I'd be in the host/co-host role. The details are to be determined, since we're working out the conditions of my contract--I made sure to state that I would only travel for work if all my travel and accommodations were paid, on top of the rate I would be charging them--hey, it is a business after all! Until I have the contract in my hands and signed, though, I'm going to see how it plays out.

Soon as I get images from the shoots I mentioned above, I'll be sure to do a full post dedicated to documenting my experience with each one so stay tuned for that! So yeeeeaaahhh, that's me lol. Still have more projects coming up, which I'll be sure to share in due time!

Quick Tip #8

Category: Makeup
For Female Models

If you've been actively modeling for a while, chances are you've probably got a nice little collection of false eyelashes. Keeping them in good shape will give you the ability to use them over and over, which is very convenient, whether there is a professional makeup artist on-site or you're responsible for your own makeup. However, over time the lashes tend to get pretty gunky and crusty from the constant application of glue--especially when it gets onto the lashes themselves, which happens sometimes. A makeup artist taught me this trick recently that saved me from having to toss out my favorite falsies:

1) Take a Q-Tip and dip it in regular rubbing alcohol...you won't need much.
2) Gently swab each false lash in one direction, repetitively where the glue is caked on.
3) Make sure to go in one direction, starting from the lash line down each time. Do not go back and forth.

After doing this for a few minutes, the caked on glue will start to dissolve and will come off. Of course it is important to do this when you are not wearing the lashes! It's also a good idea to manually peel off any layers of glue that have gathered on the lash line itself beforehand so you won't have to do as much with the alcohol. Leaving the glue on there over time will create a less than picture-perfect look. Your false lashes should look fresh for each shoot.

Answering a Reader Question #123

Bobbi-Jean Wrote:

Hi its me again, Bobbi-Jean! I was told that if you tan outisde by the pool or something that the UV rays can make it look like you age faster! Is this a myth or is it true? 

Hey, Bobbi-Jean! I'm so glad you asked this question because that is totally 100% TRUE! I'm also a beauty/skin care and fitness writer so I definitely know all about this topic. UV rays penetrate deeply into the skin's layers, where they do damage to healthy skin cells. People that tan for years, starting when they are in their teens, will end up aging pretty badly because of the excessive amounts of UV rays they have exposed themselves to. It leads to premature aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin that looks "leathery" in appearance and even age spots. However, if you wear sunscreen or sun block and regularly reapply as needed, you can still be out in the sun without worrying about UV damage.

Although the signs of this type of skin damage usually don't show up for a few years, it still means you won't age well and in modeling that definitely isn't a good thing! The more UV rays you expose yourself to, the earlier the signs of aging will appear on your complexion. If you have to tan, stick to fake bake products...they'll get you the color you want without any of the risk that comes with tanning the old fashioned way. Tanning beds aren't any better, either, so in general it's just best to stay away from them, especially if you want to have healthy skin in the long term...and who doesn't want that?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #122

Anonymous Wrote:

i love it im defenitly fitted to become a high fashion famous male model(: whats the age range in the male model industry??

Hey, Anonymous! The good news for you is that male models tend to have much more longevity in their careers, compared to female models. In most cases (not all), male models start around age 16-18 and can stretch their career well into their 30s and 40s or beyond. What's interesting is that most male models tend to be in demand as they get older...it's just something about the way men age that makes them more appealing as the years go by. This gives them flexibility and diversity in the types of work they can book, from print work to editorial and runway. Female models, on the other hand, are in their modeling "prime" between 14-21 (I am referring to female models in the high fashion, runway and editorial fields and am not addressing the commercial/print, lifestyle and mature modeling categories).

So as long as you take care of your complexion, body and remain healthy overall, you can stand to have a prosperous modeling career in the years to come...and in your case, I hope that is the end result for you!

Answering a Reader Question #121

Bobbi-Jean Wrote:

Hi, Im Bobbi-Jean. Im 14 and have modeled when I was like 8 with my sis. Anywho, being a VS angel is a dream of mine. I have always been in entertainment. I love to act, cheerlead competitively, and love love love modleing! I live in FL, but will be moving to either NY or Cali when Im older, so which modeling agencies are best for me? 

Hi, Bobbi-Jean! In order to answer your question more accurately, I'm gonna need more information from you, like your height and measurements (bust, waist, hips in inches). You're still young so you definitely have time to grow taller--depending on your family genes of course. If you want to be a VS model, you're going to have to be at least 5'8" to be seriously considered (and 18 years of age, too). And like my post on the subject states ("Want to Be A Victoria's Secret Model?"), the best way to increase your chances is to sign with Elite, Ford or another top modeling agency in the New York area, since that is the major market where VS does its recruiting.

Your height will also determine what type of modeling you'll be eligible to do. If you're between 5'5"-5'7" then you're ideal for commercial/print work. But since you're still young, some fashion agencies do allow for new models (ages 13-16) to be 5'6" or 5'7" if they know the model will grow taller in the next few years. In general, fashion/runway/editorial models are supposed to be 5'8"-6'0", according to agency standards and if you happen to move to New York, you'll have to deal with the strictest requirements in that market.

Right now there isn't much you can do until you actually make the move to New York or California. Of course you could always look into modeling agencies in the Florida area where you live now that you would be eligible for.

Shoot me a personal email if you want to know more about getting started in modeling now instead of waiting until you're older and I'll help you find agencies in Florida that you can submit yourself to.

Good luck!

Answering a Reader Question #120

Aberwaa Wrote:

Greetings Dania.

I am a 30+ model and have found your blog to be valuable!

I have many years of pageantry experience, and have modeled on-and-off for the past 9 years - with a number of TFP gigs. With that, I have decided that I wanted to work with an agency; I have spoken with a few agencies that have alerted me that they already have someone with my "look". Dang it!

So, can you recommend any agencies in the DC DMV/Baltimore/PA area? I reside in DC. Im sure you have a better insight than I do.

Additionally, I was contacted, after a casting call, by Wilhemina PA, and offered a 2 year, exclusive, contract. I passed on it. I was informed by the rep that I need to pay $2700 within 2 months before I could be represented.

As you may know, Wilhemina PA is an affiliate of Wilhemina, and after speaking with Wilhemina NY and LA, I was told that the operations of PA was up to PA. (Thus, Im thinking that affiliates operate differently from the "mother agency").

So, along with the other agency information, can you also offer any further insight to PA. Should I go back to them? (I had a lawyer to review the contact and the only issue was the upfront costs.)



Hi, Aberwaa, thanks for the questions! Let's see what I can do...

First, I'll address the Wilhelmina PA situation. I can only speak for myself but I wouldn't touch that offer with a 10-foot pole lol. Affiliates do operate differently than mother agencies, which is why I wouldn't recommend putting that kind of money into any agency, regardless of who they are. It would be different if they could guarantee you success and constant bookings but no elite agency in the world can promise that and as such, it just doesn't seem like a wise investment to make when there are other agencies that are much more cost-effective, especially since those won't require upfront fees.

Now on to the second subject of agencies in the areas you mentioned. Below are the agencies I could find. I apologize if they are already ones that you have contacted:

DC agencies:

T.H.E Artist Agency
(Click on the Contact Us link for instructions on how to submit)

Baltimore, MD Agencies:

Dazzling Stars Model and Talent Management, Inc.
(Click on the link "What to Know" on the bottom right hand side for submission info)

PA Agencies:

PA Agencies:

Greer Lange Talent Agency
(Click on the link on the homepage that talks about REPRESENTATION)

AMA (Actors,Models,Artists) Talent Agency
(Click on the link "Open Call" at the bottom of the home page)

MMA - Model Management Agency Inc.

Reinhard Model & Talent Agency
(Click on the link "Open Call" on the home page)

Docherty Model & Talent Agency
(Click on "online application" on the home page under the section "new talent submissions" on the right hand side)

The Talent Group
(Click on the "talent submission" link on the home page)

Click Models of Philadelphia Inc.
(Click on the "submissions" link on the bottom left of the home page and select "women" from the drop down menu to fill out the application)

Should you have any more questions, concerns or need further assistance, shoot me a personal email and I'll see what I can do to help you out...good luck to you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Tip #7

Category: Grooming
For Female & Male Models

Never underestimate the details when it comes to attending a casting, go-see or photoshoot. All models, male or female--regardless of what type of modeling field pursued--should pay attention to the little things, namely their fingernails and toenails.

Models should make it a point to check their fingernails before going into any casting or shoot. Are your nails presentable? Do you have grime under your fingernails? Are your nails even in length? If you are wearing open-toed shoes, are your feet and toenails overall clean and groomed in appearance?

I carry my nail file in my purse and keep it with me at all times. For castings and go-sees, I use the pointed tip to clean underneath my nails before stepping foot into the building. On shoots I do the same thing but also add a clear top coat of polish so that in the photos my nails look clean and shiny (male models don't technically have to do the clear polish lol). Even if the shoot does not involve a lot of close-up shots, it is better to make sure that everything looks good, just in case. What good is having a fabulous close up shot with fingernails that look dirty? This makes the end result useless.

Take your grooming seriously from head to toe every time--even if it may seem like a little thing to you, to casting directors, photographers and clients, it can mean the difference between offering you the gig or passing it to the next person. Don't give them that chance!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Latest Gig: Trends Era Black & Red Valentine's Show

To celebrate Valentine's Day I had the pleasure of participating in a fashion show that wasn't quite a fashion show lol. Let me explain. Through Facebook I ended up networking with a photographer out of the Bay Area, who wanted to hire me for an event. That event turned out to be the Trends Era Black & Red Valentine's Show.

The event would be showcasing the designs of a local designer named Amanda Howard, who has her own line called Exceptions Design. There were three models total and it would be taking place in the evening. I saw it as a great networking opportunity so I agreed.

The event wasn't actually a traditional fashion/runway show, however. The idea was that each of the models would wear one of Amanda's outfits and participate in a live photoshoot, where the audience could watch. After the shoot, we were free to mingle with the crowd and tell people about our outfit and give them business cards to help promote the line.

I showed up early (as is my habit lol) and got into hair and makeup right away. The two other models showed up, followed by Amanda and her parents, who helped set up a table for her lookbook collection and guestlist sign in, as well as clothes racks featuring her latest designs. Not only were we modeling at the event, people that attended also had the opportunity to purchase or place orders for Amanda's clothes on site.

It was a huge turnout and the place got packed in less than an hour. After I did my solo shoot, I networked with the crowd and then went back for group shots. Afterwards we danced our butts off. I had a great time and am sure that the event gave Amanda a huge boost in business and exposure.

Additionally, there was a woman there from a runway production company that was interested in her work and wants to arrange to have her show her stuff on the runway...and Amanda said she'd bring us along for the ride! So all in all it was a productive and very beneficial experience that I was more than happy to be a part of.

Here are some pictures from the event. Kola Shobo, the official photographer, used special lighting equipment, while Amanda's mom used the natural lighting available so that's why there's such a difference in the way some of the images appear:

I LOVED my makeup!!!

Making sure there were no wardrobe malfunctions.
Striking a pose for Amanda's mom.
Why not smile? Can't be serious all the time!
Okay, now I had to be serious for the photographer lol.
Gotta bring the diva!
The models of Exceptions Design.
Posing with designer, Amanda Howard.

Quick Tip #6

Category: Pictures
For female & male models

This Quick Tip is for freelance models with Gmail accounts. When submitting to modeling gigs on Craig's List (yes, if you wade through the crap and scams, there are some legit projects to be found), you've probably noticed that there is a 150 kb size limit when sending pictures. To avoid this limitation, use the "inserting images" feature in Gmail. It allows you to put your pictures into the body of your email, where you can resize them as needed. The perk: it doesn't affect the total size of your email so you can add multiple pictures without worrying about having your message bounced back because it is larger than 150 kb.

If this function isn't already available to you, you'll have to go to your Gmail account and click on "Options." From the drop down menu, select "Labs" and look for the lab titled, "Inserting Images" and make sure "enabled" is highlighted. Save your changes and you'll be good to go!

Using this method is especially ideal if you have other important documents to attach, such as a modeling resume. If you have a different email provider you may want to see if there is a similar function/tool that allows you to do the same thing.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #119

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi Dania,
I have recently decided to get into modeling, and was planning on doing some freelance first to build my portfolio. (I'm 18) I like the idea of representing myself (business minded I guess)but Im wondering if I do happen to sign with an agency can/how much freelance can I still do on the side? Like do agencies have issues with their signed models doing freelance work? I guess I'm just worried that I may be able to get more work on my own, you know? By the way I'm only 5'5 so I won't exactly be walking any runways in Paris anytime soon so it's not like agencies are begging for me lol :)

 Hi, Anonymous, great questions! Let's get you some answers. =)

Most agencies have no problem with their signed models freelancing on the side, especially if you're not doing high fashion or editorial stuff. Technically, you do not have to tell them that you are...that's a judgment call that each model has to make for him/herself. Since you're on the shorter side, you'll more than likely have more luck finding freelance opportunities in addition to having an agent, should you choose to seek representation later on down the line. The only thing you'd have to be mindful of is submitting to any modeling gigs that your agent might also submit you to. As long as you can keep the two separate, there shouldn't be any conflicts.

However, some agencies will try to still take a commission from a gig you get, even if it is freelance and you got it on your own. This is why it's sometimes better to keep such info to yourself--I know I do lol. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this subject...basically it's on a case by case basis so do what makes you comfortable. If you freelance first and find that you can book yourself enough work, then by all means continue to pursue that method without the assistance of an agent.

I hope that helps and good luck!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick Tip #5

Category: Heels
For female models

I hope I'm able to explain this in a way that you'll understand. Okay, ladies, when you're in really high heels and are required to walk down a flight of stairs, the chances of a mishap occurring are very high. To reduce your odds of falling, walk with your feet parallel to the stairs instead of stepping with your foot pointed out towards the ground. Not making sense? Check out the following examples:



While walking down the stairs in your heels like in the second picture may look weird, it's nowhere near as bad as eating the pavement, should you take a tumble. So play it safe when it comes to those stairs!

Dania Denise in New Viral Commercial for Thump.com...Up on YouTube! Plus Behind the Scenes Video & Photos

So in case you weren't aware, I'm also an actor. Just like in modeling, sometimes it takes a while to see the final results of the projects I've worked on. Last year I shot a viral commercial for a new sports gaming website called Thump.com.

I was one of four "Thump Girls." It was an amazing shoot that was so much fun because not only did the commercial feature three other models from my agency, Models, Inc., we also got to shoot with a World Series of Poker champion, Phil Hellmuth. Later on that evening we also got to take pictures with a former NFL star/49er, Bill Romanowski. He was shooting another commercial spot for Thump but we weren't in that one.

Anyways, after the shoot wrapped, we had no idea when the commercial would be live online and I had almost totally forgotten about it. Luckily, I saw one of my fellow Thump Girl's posts on Facebook and it motivated me to check Thump.com just for fun...little did I know the site was up and running, including our commercial! So here it is...it's pretty much a spoof of the Dos Equis commercials (sorry about the crappy layout of the video and how it overlaps everything...darn that embedding code!):

Below is video commentary I did the night of the shoot. It was a long night but the crew was fabulous and we're all glad everything came together.

Fun pictures from the shoot...notice how it starts out in the daytime then gets super dark...it was a long shoot:

A shot of the backyard area.

The pool table...one of our location shots.

Yet another location shot for the commercial...and also our chill spot in between shooting.

This is where they set up the poker game.


Our makeup crew was so awesome!

11-time World Series of Poker champ, Phil Hellmuth, Me & Superbowl 49er champ, Bill Romanowski.

The Thump Girls with Bill Romanowski.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #118

Kool-Aid Wrote:

ok so im 15 and 5'7" and want to be a VS model i hope i grow another inch but anyways is it okay if i start at 18 b/c i dont have parrent consent to do it now? 

Hi,  Kool-Aid! In order to become a VS model you have to be at least 18-years-old so in your case you have to wait until then anyway before pursuing this route, which is great because you won't have to seek permission from your parents.