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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Latest on Dania Denise

It's only March and, boy, have I been busy! Here's a quick recap of projects I've done lately, modeling/acting-wise:

1) Lifestyle/Couple Shoot: I mentioned this project a while back and was very happy with the results. I shot with my friend, fellow model, Cameron Clark, and photographer Peter Kyong of Kyong Photography. Everything took place on location at the Atherton Inn Bed & Breakfast.

2) Finished a two-day shoot for a music video for artist Macsen Apollo. I played the lead girl/love interest. It's not one of those booty-shaking/club videos, either lol. It has the old school feel to it where there is actually a storyline being followed. We also got to shoot on a green screen for the special effects...I can't wait to see the finished product, which I hope will be done in the next few weeks.

3) Modeled in the Trends Era Black & Red Valentines Day Event in Oakland, where I was one of three models showcasing local designer, Amanda Howard, of Exception Designs.

4) Appeared as a guest on "Tha Shop Radio," which is a podcast radio show put on by a group of my fellow high school alumni. We had a great time and they're building a pretty strong following...I'm so proud of them! Here is a link to the episode I appeared on (***disclaimer: the show contains explicit language and content and is SO not for those under 18 years of age***):

Tha Shop Radio - Episode 5 with Dania Denise

5) Shot my third viral commercial project for Yahoo! Long days and freezing weather but, hey, it's a paycheck and adds to my resume lol. I can never keep track of where the footage appears so unfortunately, I don't have any links to those.

6) Attended a casting for the designer watch line GGI Time. Had a great experience and it was so much fun to see Gary Jamerson again, who is the owner/head designer of the company. I met him while networking at a fashion show I did last November. I've been chosen as one of the editorial models/faces for the line and his team is busy putting together my concept shoot as we speak. I'm SO looking forward to that shoot!

7) Bridal fittings left and right for the Brocade Wedding spring season. Because I have seniority now from doing the shows last year, I get to choose which events I want to attend. So I only do the paid shows, with the exception of the really large venues. This Sunday, March 27th, I'll be doing the bridal show at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, which is one of the most highly publicized shows of the season. It has a long runway, has the highest number of people in attendance and gets media coverage. I didn't do that venue last year so I am super excited to be a part of it in a few days.

8) Did a fashion shoot for couture headpiece designer, Caley Johnson, of Miss G Designs. The images will be published in Bay Fashion Magazine. More tearsheets...woot! I saw a preview of the images and omg, they are amazing!

9) Attended a casting--and got booked--for a shoot for a luxury jewelry designer line called Ms. Bellezza. I went from old Hollywood glam to straight rock and roll--the hair stylist gave me a pouffed out mohawk, a la Rihanna. Totally edgy and sexy. The images will be used in all of their advertising: business cards, catalogs, look book, website, etc.

10) I'm entering the Maxim Hometown Hotties contest and enlisted the help of one of my favorite photographers, James Edwards, of PStudios to do my submission photos. They are super sexy...actually, they're probably the sexiest (but classy, of course) pictures I've done to date. I already submitted myself and am hoping to hear back soon to find out whether or not I made it into the contest. Fingers crossed!

11) Got booked to do modeling/hosting work for a production company in St. Louis. They liked my work and resume and extended me a freelance contract offer to do paid events in St. Louis as well as California and other states where they have events. One of the first projects they want me on is a TV show that airs in the St. Louis area...I believe it's an entertainment show and I'd be in the host/co-host role. The details are to be determined, since we're working out the conditions of my contract--I made sure to state that I would only travel for work if all my travel and accommodations were paid, on top of the rate I would be charging them--hey, it is a business after all! Until I have the contract in my hands and signed, though, I'm going to see how it plays out.

Soon as I get images from the shoots I mentioned above, I'll be sure to do a full post dedicated to documenting my experience with each one so stay tuned for that! So yeeeeaaahhh, that's me lol. Still have more projects coming up, which I'll be sure to share in due time!

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