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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #121

Bobbi-Jean Wrote:

Hi, Im Bobbi-Jean. Im 14 and have modeled when I was like 8 with my sis. Anywho, being a VS angel is a dream of mine. I have always been in entertainment. I love to act, cheerlead competitively, and love love love modleing! I live in FL, but will be moving to either NY or Cali when Im older, so which modeling agencies are best for me? 

Hi, Bobbi-Jean! In order to answer your question more accurately, I'm gonna need more information from you, like your height and measurements (bust, waist, hips in inches). You're still young so you definitely have time to grow taller--depending on your family genes of course. If you want to be a VS model, you're going to have to be at least 5'8" to be seriously considered (and 18 years of age, too). And like my post on the subject states ("Want to Be A Victoria's Secret Model?"), the best way to increase your chances is to sign with Elite, Ford or another top modeling agency in the New York area, since that is the major market where VS does its recruiting.

Your height will also determine what type of modeling you'll be eligible to do. If you're between 5'5"-5'7" then you're ideal for commercial/print work. But since you're still young, some fashion agencies do allow for new models (ages 13-16) to be 5'6" or 5'7" if they know the model will grow taller in the next few years. In general, fashion/runway/editorial models are supposed to be 5'8"-6'0", according to agency standards and if you happen to move to New York, you'll have to deal with the strictest requirements in that market.

Right now there isn't much you can do until you actually make the move to New York or California. Of course you could always look into modeling agencies in the Florida area where you live now that you would be eligible for.

Shoot me a personal email if you want to know more about getting started in modeling now instead of waiting until you're older and I'll help you find agencies in Florida that you can submit yourself to.

Good luck!

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