There is more to the modeling world than the media lets on. If you want to find out what it really takes and how to manage your modeling career, then you've come to the right place! This blog is dedicated to the aspiring and already established models who live to defy the standards and stereotypes in order to make a place for themselves in this crazy industry.

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How Modeling 101 Helped Me

Me & my modeling protege/mentee, Jennifer.
Modeling 101 - "A Model's Diary" has been around since 2007 and in that time it has managed to become a trusted source for all things related to the modeling industry. This blog has allowed me to share my experiences, knowledge and insight with countless readers who span the globe.

I created this page specifically for my readers to share (in their own words) in what ways my blog has helped them in reaching their goals for modeling. These stories are from real readers and other individuals who have come across my blog randomly. They have not been altered, edited or manipulated in any way.

Please use these stories as inspiration and as reassurance that you are not alone in your efforts to figure out where you fit in and how modeling can be a part of your life. Thank you to those that contribute!

***This page will be regularly updated with posts as they are submitted.***

"You have helped me so much, you cant just ask google these questions and get these helpful answers. i have so much more knowledge on what im getting myself into and that is awesome. thank you!!"

~ Ania M.

"I want to express my deep gratitude to Dania for providing great expertise and wise counsel in my modeling career. I am an 18 year old male model and I needed professional advise and found her blog. I found a lot of great information just by looking at the questions posted and reading her answers. But then I decided to ask her some questions via email and it was amazing how not only answered my question but went out of her way to even read some material I sent her for her review. She was great. I have bookmarked her blog and I recommend everyone that is in the business does as well. I wish her good luck in her career and that this blog turn into something bigger.

Thank  you very much Dania"
~ Male Model, Miami, 18

"i love your blog and i've watched your youtube video about the term "american" in modeling, and all of your advice and tips have really made an impact on me and what i want in my career. i just wanted you to know that, and to please keep up the great work! you're gorgeous!"

~ Sionne E., San Francisco  

"I would like to inform you about how grateful I am for your blog. It has inspired me to pursue a modeling career and genuinely helped me increase my confidence."

~ Female Aspiring Model, Florida, 18

At almost 33 years old, it is very difficult to start a modeling career.  I was trying to find representation on my own but was unable to find anyone that would speak to me to guide me in the right direction, until I found Dania.  I am so thankful to her.  Her blog is very informative and the best part is, she actually answers emails, herself!!  Dania took the time to go over what type of modeling would be best for my size and look.  Plus, she even took the time to send me the links to agencies that work with people in my age group.  I am so thankful and impressed by her and I look forward to a long relationship. 

~ Lauren, 32, NYC

If you need advice on how to start modeling, I’d take a look at Dania’s blogs.  If you just signed with an agency and still need advice on something your agents can’t even help you with, it’s nice to get another experienced model’s opinion on what to do.  I was in a dilemma and decided to email Dania.  And I am so grateful I did.  Now, I think of her as my model pen pal.  Through our conversations via email, I find that she is a genuine person who is eager to offer advice on the ins and outs of modeling.  Even being a signed model, I have to take control of my own career and can’t rely on my agents to get me where I want to go.  They can surely help, but at the end of the day, it’s nice to talk to someone who doesn’t want anything in return, someone who is willing to help others—strangers, really—get started in the modeling industry.  Now that is someone with a good heart.  Thank you so much Dania.  With your help, I have become more confident in my ability to be a great model.  

~ Rebecca, Chicago

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