About a Model's Diary: How It All Began

Did I know that with my first post on my blog back in 2007, I would find myself becoming one of the Internet's go-to people for all things related to modeling? Nope! Believe it or not, I have one of my old jobs to thank for the creation of Modeling 101 - A Model's Diary.

Back in 2007 I found myself working for an online company as an editor/writer. One of my duties was to participate in online forums in order to identify trends in fashion, beauty and skin care. Teen Vogue was one site where I found myself spending the majority of my time.

What caught my eye were the numerous posts about modeling. What boggled my mind, however, was the sheer amount of total crap that was being fed to these girls...90% of what I read was just simply not true. Using my experience in modeling, I began to actively post answer after answer to as many threads as I could, in the attempt to clarify a lot of the misconceptions and misinformation. But I saw that it wasn't enough.

I don't quite remember how I came across Blogspot but one day I got inspired to start my own blog so that I could put out the information I felt would be the most useful to new, aspiring and even established models. Before I knew it, I had way too much to talk about and it turned out that people ended up caring about what I was writing. Eventually, I started receiving emails from model hopefuls from around the globe, asking for assistance with starting their careers and I knew I had something really amazing.

Today, my blog has over 500 subscribers (and growing!) and I've helped dozens of models find agencies to sign with or helped guide them in their freelance careers. I love what I do and for as long as I have a passion for the modeling industry, I will continue to devote my time and efforts to this blog and helping others reach their goals.

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