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Answers: If you're interested in becoming a model, chances are you've got questions...and plenty of them! Regardless of how many or what the topics are, feel free to post your questions in the comments section of any post and I'll reply to your question and give it its own post as a part of my "Answering a Reader Question" series. Or if you'd rather contact me directly, shoot me an email (daniadenise@gmail.com) and I'll give you one-on-one help. Readers that submit questions via email won't be published as a reader question on my blog unless you say it's okay.

Information: In addition to receiving answers to the most popular questions, Modeling 101 is also about informing readers as to what the industry is all about. From photoshoots to castings and dealing with agencies, just about every topic under the sun is discussed in some shape or form. Don't see a topic that you want more information about? Let me know!

An Insider Look: What better way to learn about the modeling industry than to read about the experiences of a working, agency represented model? What I love most about my blog is the ability to share my experiences with my readers. While the details of a person's career vary from model to model, I feel my career provides great insight not only into modeling as a whole but the world of commercial/print in particular--a category of modeling that still doesn't receive the attention it deserves. Of course I also talk about my experiences with fashion and runway as those opportunities come up.

A Different Perspective: Sure, fashion and runway is all the rage but how many people are able to represent the commercial/print field? Not many. I can't tell you how many emails and comments I've gotten from readers that are grateful that I haven't left out the shorter models and model hopefuls that know they won't be on a high fashion runway but still want to have a successful career in the industry. While I do my best to cover all aspects, I make sure to never forget to include information that is relevant for the shorter models of the world.

Connecting With a Real Professional: It goes without saying that too many people online pretend to be something they are not. However, I am not one of those people. I go above and beyond to verify that I am who I say I am and rest assured, there are plenty of ways to find out if I'm the real deal or not. 

A Fun Experience: In case you can't tell from my posts, I'm goofy...I'm sarcastic...I'm a nerd. I love what I do and I enjoy sharing what I know with whoever is interested in reading what I write. Aside from my business persona, I never try to take things too seriously and am all about positive interactions with my readers. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself and if you can't hold your tongue, feel free to comment--you better believe I'll reply back and add it to my "Addressing a Reader Comment" series. =)


To cover my bases, I just wanted to make a couple of disclaimer statements so that we're all on the same page.

- In no way do I claim to be able to get anyone signed to an agency (I provide the info and resources...it is up to each individual to do what it takes to be the ideal candidate for agency representation).
- I do not work for any modeling agencies, nor do I have any "insider connections" that will help you get ahead.
- I do not get paid for running this blog, nor am I receiving sponsorship of any kind from anyone.
- I cannot promise you a successful career or that you will become the next "it" model.
- Reading this blog is merely meant to inform and educate and claims no responsibility for the way my information is interpreted as it is applied to an individual's modeling career.

*** For the parents: When corresponding with models that are underage (under 18-years-old), please know that I do not ask for personal or financial information. When it comes to locating agencies for underage models, I ask for their city and state of residence ONLY. In terms of photos, I do not ask for pictures--the only exception to this is if they are inquiring about skin care related issues and the only way I can accurately assist them is by requesting pictures of their complexion. Oftentimes, I am asked by readers if they can submit images of themselves for critiquing purposes as it relates to sending them to modeling agencies. Parents are strongly encouraged to follow my email correspondence with their son/daughter and are more than welcome to contact me with their own questions and concerns.***

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