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Monday, February 11, 2008

Modeling and (GASP!) That Time of the Month

Okay, if you're a guy, take the hint from the title and photo and skip this post! LOL. Now I'm assuming we're all somewhat mature so I can talk about this topic without too much flack or giggling...

It may not have crossed your mind but as a female we cannot escape that dreaded "time of the month" and not only can it ruin a good day, it can also pose as an annoying problem during your modeling.

So what should you do when it comes to PMS and your modeling career? Being that it only happens once a month you won't have to worry about this subject too much. However, there may be that one day when you know you've got a shoot coming up and you just start your period or won't be done with it in time. What to do?

Before freaking out, figure out if it's even something you should be stressing out about. If you're doing a shoot involving full clothing, then obviously, PMS is not going to be an issue. Even wearing a dress or skirt during that time of the month can be your little secret. Just be sure to properly cover yourself so that you don't ruin the outfit. If you are wearing white on the bottom, then you may want to mentally tell yourself to be extra careful in how you pose.

Many models work during their period with no problem at all. Now if you are scheduled for a swimwear shoot or are a glamour model and intend on doing an implied nude or nude oriented shoot, you may run into some issues. Swimwear-wise you can simply turn to the trusty tampon as a solution. If you are not a fan of tampons, then a strategically placed panty liner will do the trick. Just make sure you aren't required to be in the water of it'll be a horrifically embarrassing moment.

Glamour models who plan on doing a nude or implied nude shoot may want to reschedule or let the photographer know the situation and work around it. If your flow is really heavy, then your best bet would be to reschedule your shoot if possible. This is easy for freelance models to do but if you've got an agent who has booked you, you'll have to do some damage control.

Agency represented models should not be embarrassed to tell their agent that they may run into problems with the shoot because of PMS. It's a natural process that can't be helped so you aren't going to get blamed or chewed out.

If anything, let your agent know your situation and get their advice. They will guide you accordingly so be honest and let them know what's up. Then take it from there. These things can be worked around so don't pretend everything is fine and then risk trouble during the shoot.

***Before reading the rest of this post, I need to make a disclaimer to keep from receiving hate mail from parents, etc. The following paragraph talks about using birth control pills to regulate and skip your period in order to save yourself from having to cancel a shoot due to PMS. BUT I am not suggesting that your underage daughter go out and get on BCP. I am mentioning this alternative for those who are already on birth control who have not thought about skipping in order to help them out. I do not condone getting on BCP simply to skip your period so you can model so models and parents, please do not read into this post too literally. It is up to you (or your parents) to decide if you want to get on BCP for WHATEVER reason so I am not trying to fill anyone's heads with extreme ideas that will get them in trouble. The last thing I want is for some parent to email me and tell me they found out their daughter is on the pill because I told her to go on it.***

For those of you wondering how to get around the whole ordeal entirely I will say that if you are already on birth control, there is an alternative to help you out. Not all BCP works the same so be sure you actually have the kind that has three weeks of pills and one week of placebos. In case you didn't know, BCP allows you to "skip" your period if you choose to.

How is this possible? Instead of taking your fourth week of placebo pills--which triggers your body to start menstruating--simply skip those and move onto your next pack. This method is entirely safe and any gyno will tell you so. Of course you don't want to make it a habit so it's best to use that method only if you need to.

Again, I will say that I am not telling anyone to go out and get on BCP for this reason alone. If PMS and modeling has not been a problem for you in the past, then this topic won't even be of much interest to you. However, there are those that can benefit from what I've talked about.

The bottom line: PMS is natural and being on your period during a shoot will not jeopardize it as long as you are careful. Seek advice from your agent if you feel your PMS will interfere with a scheduled shoot. Pads, tampons, and the right posing can allow you to still do your thing without fear.


Anonymous said...

OMG You are my hero.

I never knew that trick about BCP; I am going to talk to my doctor to make sure it's okay with me and my body to do.

If so, this will make shoots a hell of a lot easier!

Unknown said...

What about implied nudity on the runway??

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Unknown! You'll find the answer to your questions in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #902," which can be found on my other blog: "Modeling 101 - Answering Readers Questions."

Please visit this link: http://amodelsdiary-readerquestions.blogspot.com/ and you can view your post there. Thanks for reading!