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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tips for Putting Together a Modeling Website Part 1

Whether you have agency representation or not or are a freelance model, it never hurts to have a website. It's so easy to network with someone and simply say, "You should check out my website. It's..."

What better way to get attention and show people that you're serious? And these days just about everyone is online at one point or another so having a website gives you additional exposure and can lead to your own online fanbase.

So what should go on your site? Well, that all depends on you, the model. If you do runway and fashion, you're going to want to showcase that on your site. Your website's images and content should reflect the work you do, as well as show your diversity. The essential components for a web page include, but are not limited to: Welcome Page, Home Page, Bio, Resume, Gallery and Contact Page.

When it comes to your bio, you can talk about anything but it should be related to your modeling career.

What do you want the public to know about you? Maybe you just want to talk about your modeling career. Or you can tie in your personal life, where you were born, etc. It's entirely up to you. But make sure that what you write about won't put people to sleep (you can say you love animals, but it's not necessary to include the names of your cats and their favorite foods). Be concise and get to the point. Use this page to make yourself stand out and make people want to get to know you.

Any written content on your website should be completely free of typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. If writing isn’t your strong point, have someone help you. Have your content proofread and edited before putting it on your website. Nothing looks worse than having misspelled words or an awkwardly written sentence on your website. If you’re going to do a modeling website, do it right!

Use only your best images in your photo gallery/portfolio page...no camera phone pictures and make sure that they are good quality (hi resolution is best so the images don’t look blurred or pixelated). Tearsheets should have priority in your gallery. If you don't have such pictures, I would advise getting a TFP together or some other type of shoot before putting together your website. I recommend having between four to five different looks in your photo gallery. This will allow potential clients to see the range of work you do. Avoiding having more than 1-2 images from the same look.

On the contact page, be sure to create an email that is formal--no bootylicious204@aol.com type of addresses! Avoid putting your phone number/cell number on your website as well as your home address (especially if you are underage). The main information that should appear on your contact page is an email address and/or links to other sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc. (if you have an agent, you should list the agency’s contact information as well as the phone number, direct email address and name of your booker).

The last thing you need are telemarketers or creepy characters calling you at all hours of the day or night—or knowing where you live. Yikes. If someone is really interested in hiring you, they will email you. Or you can get a P.O. Box if you want to receive fan mail or other correspondence from clients.

In addition to a photo gallery, it's also helpful to include your modeling resume if you have one. This gives you credibility when it comes to what projects you've done and who you've been involved with. If you’re new and don’t have a resume, don’t worry about it at this point.

Have fun with your website. Showcase your personality as well as your looks. Use your website to introduce yourself to potential clients as well as potential fans. Let them know about you as a person in your bio or home page. But by all means, do NOT dress up your website with Myspace type of elements such as multicolored text, glittery images and photos of your friends and family...Your modeling website is your official calling card to the world, so keep it professional and make it all about you!

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