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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Saffron Rare Threads Fashion Show, San Francisco, May 2011

Yay for pictures! This latest event was a fashion show for the boutique, Saffron Rare Threads, which is located in San Francisco. What I loved about this designer's line of clothing was that it was tailored for petite women. The head designer/owner, Priya, is a petite woman herself--she's maybe 5'1" or 5'2"? When I went in for the casting, I knew I'd instantly like working with her and she obviously felt the same way because I got hired as one of five models for the show.

The Saffron Rare Threads fashion show took place inside of the actual boutique, which was cool because there was one part of the store that had a ramp that sloped down, similar to a runway. It definitely made for great photo opportunities. I arrived the day of the show to find out that one model called in sick so we were down to four. As a result, I had an additional outfit to wear, which I didn't mind at all. There was some last minute changes to two of the outfits for me, however, so I didn't end up wearing all of the outfits I had tried on at the casting a few weeks prior. Luckily, everything fit me perfectly.

The crowd packed the boutique and it was standing room only. The music was fast-paced and really set the perfect tone. They ended up slicking our hair back into a ponytail. I made sure to bring my extensions, which gave me a really cool look. Unfortunately, I haven't come across any photos yet that show a side or back view to show off my hair (but I'm still searching!).

Overall, the show was a success, although it was hectic since there was only four of us and that meant taking our time walking through the store in order to buy time for the other models. Thank goodness for our backstage dressers! Here are some of my favorite flicks from the show:

This was a sample dress they made that they weren't sure they wanted to mass produce yet. I was happy to learn that after I wore it in the show, they got flooded with orders! I'm thinking about using my store gift certificate to buy this dress for myself!
Group photo with Saffron Rare Threads owner, Priya (in the middle).

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