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Monday, April 29, 2013

In My Own Words: Dania Denise Interview (The Over Exposed Podcast)

It's always cool when I get contacted by people wanting to interview me about my modeling career and/or blog. This latest opportunity was for a great website that just launched and is all about interviewing and spotlighting people, especially women, who are successful business owners that use social media and branding to promote themselves.

The head honcho of the site Over Exposed, Umar, emailed me after coming across my Modeling 101 blog. He loved what I was doing so much that he chose me to be his first interview for the Over Exposed Podcast's first episode.

For anyone that's interested, the podcast can be heard right on the Over Exposed, Inc. website, as well as on iTunes. In my own words, you'll hear me talk about a range of topics, from how I got started in the modeling industry, to advice for new models and even the craziest things I've done to get a gig:

Here is a bonus link to an article posted on the Over Exposed Podcast, where I was also chosen as the Model of the Week. :-)

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