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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Tip #62

Category: Posing
For: Female & Male Models

Are you having trouble producing a really intense, dramatic stare? Then try this awesome tip from fellow model/actor (and photographer!) Breanna Baker (who took the headshot image of me below):

Focus your eyes on the photographer's camera...you know how oftentimes the lense or some part around it will have wording (usually it's white and contains the name of the camera or product info)?

Concentrate on trying to read what the writing on the camera around the lense is. The key is to not squint but instead hold a steady and intense gaze into the camera as if you're in deep thought.

The result: a really great dramatic shot that doesn't take a lot of effort to produce. 
The key to perfecting this "tip" is by practicing in the mirror at home. Write something on a small piece of paper and tape it to the mirror at eye level and practice staring at the words and pretending to try and read it. The paper should be small enough so that you can see enough of your face, especially your eyes, while performing this exercise.

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