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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let's Get Some Things Straight About Me...

So I just wanted to make a quick post to address a few things. For some time now my blog has enjoyed a lot of traffic from devoted readers and those who just happen to come across it. Lately I’ve been in the habit of Googling my blog and related search terms (keywords) to see where it pops up, who has been using the content and who has mentioned it in other websites, forums, etc.

While it’s been really fun to see others cite my blog posts in order to pass on my information to others, I have also found that many who mention my blog or myself are putting out statements that aren’t just inaccurate…they’re just plain wrong. I know more than anyone how one person’s statement about you can affect others, whether intentional or not, so to clarify some of the inaccuracies I have seen in regards to myself and my blog, I wanted to get a couple of things straightened out:

1) For the record, I am 5’4”. NOT 5’3” or any other height that I’ve seen people claim I am on the Web. One inch may not seem significant to many, but it's just funny how many times I've stated on here that I am 5'4" only to have people still say I am a different height. Guess I'm just a stickler for being factual (must be the journalist in me!).

2) I am CURRENTLY signed with FORD San Francisco’s Commercial/Print & Lifestyle division—some people have made statements such as “she was signed to FORD for a time”—ummmm that time is still now. LOL.

3) I did not “walk away from modeling because it was too much.” I think some folks who read my post “Taking a Break From Freelancing” took it out of context and may not have read my other posts to get the full picture of the type of model I am. I never “walked away” from modeling, nor do I intend to anytime soon. I talk about taking a break from freelancing in order to allow my agent (FORD) to find me legit and well-paying gigs to boost my career instead of dealing with small-time clients who pay next to nothing (often nothing) for my services when I know that I am worth much more.

4) I am not your typical model. While I do have an agent, I do a lot on my own to ensure my success and to push along my career. Unlike many agency represented models out there, I edit and retouch my own photos as needed, am savvy with Photoshop and put together my own websites, blogs, pages, etc. I’m not the type of model who just lets the agency do everything because I know that oftentimes that isn’t enough, especially being a commercial/print model, my career takes work and I am more than willing to do what it takes to find opportunities and put myself out there. So for the photographers, who responded to my post(s) about being frustrated with not getting photos back, etc…just know that I don’t need just one or two photos for my book…I do so much with my photos that I require more than the typical handful most give…if I even get the images at all. I like raw untouched images because I am capable of fixing them myself for my needs and do not need a photographer’s help in doing that. In that sense, I am one of the most worry-free models a photographer can work with because all I ask in exchange for shooting together is a cd of raw images so all they have to do is burn them. End of story.

5) Models.com is one site that seems to favor mentioning my blog, which is great, but are also prone to putting out misconceptions of me to others. Just to clarify, I don’t mind people talking about my blog, referring to my blog or any other action BUT I do ask that you at least take the time to read more of my posts and get a more well-rounded idea of who I am before you put out your own notions of who I am as a model. There is more to me than meets the eye and for those who read my blog faithfully, they know that without a doubt.

So, with all that being said, I hope that folks start to post accurate information about me. I am a 5’4” commercial/print, swimwear, and fitness model who is signed to FORD in San Francisco, I love what I do, I acknowledge that it is a difficult at times in this business but I have succeeded at it for a decade and am only going to continue to move up. I have not and do not plan on walking away from modeling, nor do I find my height a hindrance.

If you come across such inaccuracies on sites, please do me a favor and respond to them and mention this specific post. Link to it if you want…I just want people to know that I do keep track of who has my name in their mouth and how it is being used. All I ask is that you at least get it right. ;)

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