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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Limitations & Personal Boundaries in Modeling

This post will best serve models over 18. Younger models will not have to deal with the following topics due to their age and the law.

When it comes to what type of modeling you will or will not do, just know that no one will force you to do anything, especially your agent if you have one. When you get signed to an agency, you will be asked what type of work you will do and what you won't do. This may be a hard copy form with boxes you have to check or you may be asked to do it online for your profile.

The modeling you'll be asked about includes but is not limited to:

- Alcohol
- Cigarettes
- Fur
- Nude
- Glamor/Implied Nudity

You will never be submitted for work that you have explicitly stated you will not do. So any worries you may have about turning down work or disappointing your agent will not be an issue in this case. This is one of the rare instances where your own personal/moral/ethical beliefs will be taken into consideration. With that being said, think hard about how you want to portray yourself as a model and what your boundaries are.

Even if you are freelance, there is still a need to state your limitations. Many models do this on their websites, on their profiles online through modeling community sites, etc. And that is perfectly fine. It is much easier to avoid any unnecessary situations if people know upfront what you will or will not do.

As for myself, I have stated through my agent and everywhere else that I will not do nude work, wear fur or do gigs involving cigarettes. Alcohol is fine with me as well as glamor but only if it is for a tasteful publication and is done by a credible photographer.

It all boils down to what you feel comfortable with and as long as you keep the lines of communication open, you shouldn't run into any problems.

1 comment:

pinup_girl said...

Well I am under 18, so I don't have to worry just yet. But I definately agree with your decisions. I'm SO glad you choose not to wear fur, I would never. And as for nudity, I certainly wouldn't either. I believe there are countless ways to take a beautiful, even sexy or sensual picture without taking your clothes off.