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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quick Tips for Fittings and Go-Sees

For those of you that are hoping to be fashion models, there are certain things that are helpful to know before actually being in the situation itself. When it comes to go-sees and fittings, knowing little tips and tricks can make a difference between getting the gig and missing out.

When you go in for fittings for various designers, you are trying on multiple garments, and each piece is precious to the creator. The last thing you want to do is ruin the material in any way.

As you get to know them, you’ll find that most designers have their own quirky or picky requests when it comes to models wearing their clothes. But if you’re prepared ahead of time, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.


Fittings are fairly informal so don't feel the need to pile on the makeup and create a fancy hairdo. Natural makeup and hair is best, especially since it'll likely just be you and the designer (and possibly an assistant or two).

Digital snapshots may be taken of you in each outfit so only put on enough makeup to be snapshot ready.


You're going to be changing in and out of various outfits so arrive to the fitting wearing comfortable clothing. Leggings and a fitted tee or tanktop are ideal.

And don't forget to bring your high heels! That last part is extremely important for the designer to get an idea of the length of the garments you may be wearing in a shoot or a fashion show. Should any alterations need to be made, having heels on will make the designer's job easier to make those kinds of judgment calls.


When going to any fitting or go-see, avoid wearing fragrance of any kind. That means no perfume, cologne (for the fellas), body spray, fragrant body lotion—nothing. That also includes leaving out the deodorant.

Yeah, that may sound pretty gross but honestly, fragrances can leave its scent long after you’ve changed out of the clothes and deodorant can easily leave white marks and streaks on the material. Don’t believe the hype about invisible solid deodorants—when it comes to fittings, leave it alone.

Just those two factors can mess up your chances of working with the designer. You may not be the only person to wear the garments and designers want their clothes to smell exactly the way it was before you got into it.

Of course if you don’t wear deodorant, chances are you’ll get sweat onto the material. What’s a model to do? One secret many fashion models use is to bring a box of tissue with them to the fitting and stick the tissue under their armpits as they try on the clothes. This trick also helps if you have the tendency to sweat a lot.

So remember: when you start going to important fittings and go-sees, keep yourself free of all fragrances and scents but still be sure you smell fresh. You don’t want to be smelly during the fitting either.


Amber said...

Great tips as always Dania!

Anonymous said...

These tips are great! Thanks for giving wannabes like me the inside scoop =]