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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Answering a Reader Question #54

Caroline Wrote:

Hey, My name's Caroline and it's been my dream to become a VS model. I'm only 12 but my measurements are : 33"24"35 and I'm already 5'7". I've been planning to go to an open call at Ford. One problem (besides my age): My parents are a tad protective to say the least, and would probably disinherit me or something if they knew what I wanted to do. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to convince them that maybe modeling isn't the worst thing in the world? Thanks so much!

Hi, Caroline, and thanks for your question. Your situation is one that many young, aspiring models are having to deal with these days. It is normal for parents to feel overprotective and chances are they've only heard about the negative side of modeling, which only adds to their concern about having their own child pursue the industry. In your case if you were to get signed to Ford, obviously you wouldn't be considered for VS until you were 18 but in the meantime you would be working on other modeling projects, which would not only build up your career and your portfolio, but it would mean getting a jump start on saving up money for college (all points that will help build your case once you are ready to tell your parents of your modeling plans). At this point in time you may not want to mention your desire to do VS modeling at all--just stick to saying you want to model in general. If you happen to get offered a VS opportunity, you'd be 18 by that time anyway so the decision alone would be yours.

I would suggest checking out these blog posts I did about how to address the issue of modeling with your parents:

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If you'd like more assistance with your situation, feel free to drop me an email at daniadenise@gmail.com.

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