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Saturday, September 11, 2010

100+ Modeling 101 Followers (And Growing!)

When I look at the list of my followers, I must admit I get really excited. And now that the number of Modeling 101 followers has passed the 100 mark, I am ecstatic!

I never thought in a million years that when I started my blog back in 2007 it would grow to be what it is--nor did I expect anyone to really care that much. I knew there was a lot of misinformation about the modeling industry and that tons of folks were either being misdirected, given false hope or outright being taken advantage of. What started as a couple of posts about my feelings and experience in the industry has transformed into one of my passions. I really didn't know how readers would react to me...I expected a LOT of criticism or skepticism of some sort--I mean, how many people would really take advice from a shorter model seriously since I wasn't strutting down a catwalk in Milan or New York? But you guys really surprised me! Of course I have my fair share of Debbie Downers (hah, I love that term!) but, eh, it comes with the territory.

When I began getting questions within reader comments on my posts, at first I simply answered their question in a comment directly below theirs. But when the list of questions started to grow, I began the "Answering a Reader Question" post series. Ummm...never did I dream I would have answered almost 100 reader questions! Wow-wee!

At times I sit back and just look at my blog and think, "How on Earth did I get fortunate enough to have so many people from around the world (shout out to my international models and model hopefuls!!!) care about what I was writing, nonetheless find inspiration in my words?"

Modeling 101 "A Model's Diary" readers I just have to say a huge THANK YOU for turning to me as a source for info on the industry, for not only reaching out and supporting me in my own career but for trusting me to assist you with yours. Some of the emails and comments I get from my readers are filled with such genuine appreciation, enthusiasm, hope and encouragement that I continue to become more motivated by the day to keep this blog updated and on point so that I can better serve you all (and for all the naysayers and dedicated skeptics, keep it comin'--your comments truly entertain and amuse me, hehe). Without you guys taking the time to read my posts and communicate with me via comments and email, my blog wouldn't be virtually synonymous with the keyword "modeling" when used in a search engine (I think that is SO cool btw!).

Gah, my long time readers know by now that I am truly long winded when I write so I'm going to end this blabbering now but seriously, I appreciate each and every one of you that visits my blog and reads my post--whether you are a follower or not. Keep your head up, your hopes high and the critics in check!


Dania Denise

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