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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Addressing a Reader Comment #5

Anonymous Wrote:

Kewl! But anyway, didn't you know casting calls are more legitimate if they are sponsored by well-known companies and brands like Cover Girl, Maybelline, or AXE, for example?

Actually, that is not accurate. There are many small to medium-sized companies that are not widely known that are credible and more than legitimate to model for. Just because a casting call is not for a company that everyone has heard of or isn't sponsored by a powerhouse brand, doesn't mean that it is still not an important gig to add to a model's resume and/or portfolio of experience. As long as the company conducts itself professionally, has the ability to provide exposure for the models and especially if it is paid, those are all factors that lend credibility. Saying that a designer line like Ms. Bellezza doing a casting isn't as legitimate as one for Cover Girl is like saying that being signed to a boutique agency isn't as legit as signing to a larger agency. Plus, the pieces for Ms. Bellezza have been featured on "Dancing With the Stars," which I think definitely speaks to the credibility of that particular company.

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