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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #131

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi Dania,
My name's Caroline and modeling has been a dream of mine for several years now. I am 13 years old, 5'9", and weigh around 132 pounds. My measurements are 34-25-36....which is why I'd like to get into commercial or print modeling rather than fashion. I know my measurements are pushing it, but it you had any tips for me they would be GREATLY appreciated. I live in the San Francisco area, so if you know of any agencies or anything around there please fill me in. Thank you bunches! I really admire your work. :) 

Hi, Caroline! First, thank you for the kind words...you are so sweet! Second, you are in my area, woot! I've been running around San Francisco doing gigs and castings for the past two weeks lol. Sorry, I always get excited when I know my readers are local to me. Okay, back to business. ;-)

Commercial/print is definitely much more forgiving in terms of measurements and you are still proportional based on the numbers you provided--that and your height should be more than enough to gain an agency's interest if you also have a marketable look to go with it. Since the SF Bay Area is the main market that I work in, I'm very familiar with the agencies so below are the ones you should check out. Browse each agency's website and it will give you all the information you need to know. If not, you know you can always contact me here!

Boom Models & Talent
*click on the "contact us" link for submission info

Look Model Agency
*click on "open call" link for submission info

Ford San Francisco (they have a print division)
*click on "models"
*click on "become a model" link on the bottom, left hand side of the page to fill out online form

Stars Model Management
*click on the "become a model" link for submission info

In terms of tips, at this point don't worry about paying a professional photographer or trying to put together a modeling portfolio. All of these agencies will request non professional, digital snapshots and they also provide sample images to use for reference. As long as you stick with what each agency asks for specifically, you'll be fine. Also, since you are underage you'll have to have at least one parent/guardian with you at all times when dealing with the agencies so make your parents aware of which agencies you're submitting your info and pictures to so that there aren't any unexpected surprises on their end. If you have little to no experience, that's fine, too, since a modeling agency will train/mold you once they sign you.

I hope you find luck with any of these agencies and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck to you!!!


Nachele said...

Hi, Dania.
My Name Is Nachele and I'm 16 Years Old. I Live In Philadelpiha And I've Been Wanting To Be A Model Since Forever But I Keep Holding Back Because I'm Afaid That My First Mistake Will Be Falling Into A Modeling Agency That Will Rip Me Off. Is There Any Way That I Can Tell Which Modeling Agencies Are Scams? By The Way I Know It'll Be Hard To Get Into An Agency At All Because I'm Almost

Dania Denise said...

Hey, Nachele! You'll find your answer in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #165." Thanks for being a reader!