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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quick Tip #10

Category: Runway & Fashion Shows
For: Male and Female models

When going on-stage during a fashion show, do not rush your time on the catwalk. There are two important things to remember about this portion of a fashion show:

1) Being on-stage is your time to not only shine but showcase the designer's outfits. If you're barely on the stage for two seconds, the designer won't be happy. Don't spend too much time in the limelight but learn how to pace yourself in a way that allows you to be on the catwalk long enough to display the clothes, get your photo taken at the end of the runway and enjoy the experience.

2) From the time you step on-stage until the time you step off, you are buying time for your fellow models backstage to change into their next outfits. Rushing on and off will inconvenience everyone and could cause the models to go out of order if the next person up isn't ready. Deviating from the lineup that has been established and practiced is a surefire way to confuse everyone and increases the chances of something going wrong. If you know how to spend the right amount of time on-stage, you'll be giving all the models behind the scenes the opportunity to get in and out of their outfits and appear on-stage at the right time.

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