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Monday, January 22, 2007

Putting Together a Modeling Portfolio

Take it from me, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to put together a portfolio. But having a good portfolio is the most important thing a model can have--it is his/her resume.

So how do you go about putting together a portfolio? It's actually pretty easy. The first thing you'll need is a photographer. There are tons of great photographers out there, both professional to amateur, who are more than willing to work with new models and models who need their photos updated.

For you newbies, finding a photographer in your area is simple. If you don't already know someone who does photography, use the Internet. Websites such as www.Modelmayhem.com and www.Onemodelplace.com are excellent for networking with photographers from all over the world.

There are features on there that will allow you to be notified when a photographer is shooting in your area. For those aspiring models who are underage, I stress that you have an adult or guardian who is 21+ (notice I didn't say 18+, please take the hint) help you with this part. Technically you are networking with a stranger so being cautious is a must in the first stages.

On these sites, look through all the photogrpahers' portfolios. Note the ones that you like and who have a style that you feel fits you, too. Make sure to work with photographers who are open to TFPs or TFCDs (if you're not familiar with the lingo, don't worry, I'm going to make another post describing what terms you should know). But basically this is a fair trade of your time for photos. In other words: a free photo shoot! Yes, it is possible and TFPs are the fastest growing method between photographers and models. Totally legit and both parties benefit greatly.

Once you've got a photographer you want to work with, start discussing locations and outfits. Most photographers will leave the outfit, makeup and hair up to you so make sure you know how to make yourself all purdy. LOL. Then, with your adult/guardian present (if you're underage), do your photo shoot and see what happens.

After your shoots, look over all the photos and pick a batch that you feel good about. Now you can go back to the websites like One Model Place and post up your new pictures or start getting them ready to send out to agencies.

When you get more familiar with the whole deal, you can start working with different photographers or work with the ones you feel most comfortable with. Before you know it, you'll have a decent portfolio put together!

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nice work...i love all the tips you give! keep it up!