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Monday, January 22, 2007

This Whole Modeling Thing

Modeling is a world beyond "America's Next Top Model" and requires looking past the surface. While I respect everyone's opinion, I don't appreciate those who openly blab about what they see wrong with models and the modeling world, while citing the only evidence for their opinion off of what they see in fashion and runway shows as an example of what modeling really is or requires.

I am not a fashion or runway model but I am a commercial/print model. I am not 5'8"+. I am 5'4" and love every inch! I am a model and while my name is not a household one (yet), I am not new to this industry.

With all the concern about self image, weight issues or "thinspiration" if you will, and other problems that stem from this topic, I beg to differ. I won't say that the modeling world is a perfect one or that every young girl should strive to be a model, because it's not true.

I will, however, stand up for the world of modeling that I know exists: models of any shape, size and ethnicity, where personality counts for just as much as having good bone structure, where models are encouraged to represent "real" people who sell real products that real people will buy.

I am a model and I wanted to start this blog to address the various issues and problems that I see with the industry, as well as to post information, advice and other tidbits of info I come across to help younger girls, and even guys, gain insight into this field without the scams, false promises and other crap that lead so many aspiring models astray.

Modeling is not a job. It is a passion that doesn't subject itself to stereotypes.

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