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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Taming of Tyra

I am absolutely disgusted at how much controversy there is over Tyra Banks gaining weight.

While I did notice she had packed on a few pounds during the last season of ANTM, I pretty much forgot about it. But sadly, I see that no one else has.

I, for one, commend her on talking about the issue on her show and for showing everyone that she has the ability to laugh at herself. She's spent years with self-image issues and is now older and wise enough to know that she doesn't need to please anybody but herself!

And for all the critics, HELLO! Tyra's a retired model so who are we to be harsh just because she doesn't want to fit into an impossible standard? Since when did being a sex symbol, model, etc. mean that you have to maintain it for the rest of your life just to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye? It's pathetic and unrealistic.

Critics, negative people, haters and all others who apply, just let it go and stop wasting your breath! Tyra's weight is fine and as long as she's comfortable with it, that's all that matters.


PictureMe2 on a iPad! said...

Totally agree with you! Tyra is so beautiful in any size, shape, or color!

God bless her! Thanks for sharing this article!

Anonymous said...

Hearing Tyra's story inspires me. I'm considering becoming a model myself, even though I've grown up with self-image issues all my life and often thought I would never be pretty enough to even come close to considering modelling. People have been telling me that I've got the figure, face, and height for it, so why not give it a try? Only thing is I'm 20 years old now, and I hear it's too old to become a big-name fashion model, at least.

Dania Denise said...

Hey, Lace! Many fashion agencies set their age cut off at 21 and 22 so while you're not a teen anymore, you're not over the hill yet so go for it!

And besides, you don't have to be a big-name fashion model to be successful. Some of the most accomplished models are those that fall under the "working model" category.

As long as you've got agency representation, get sent out to casting and go-sees fairly regularly and book jobs, you're doing it!