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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Latest Photo Shoot: Stickie Brand Clothing

I'm really excited about my latest shoot. One of the photographers I have been working with recently, asked me if I'd be interested in being one of the models for a women's clothing line, Stickie Brand. Of course I said yes and we set up a shoot in his studio this past Sunday.

I visited the Stickie Brand clothing line website and absolutely love their stuff. Really simple tees and tank tops that can easily be worn as casual or dressed up with some accessories for a more trendy, urban look.

The company is in the process of redesigning its website to update their new items so they wanted to have images to work with ASAP. I did two outfits for the first shoot, which were an orange baby tee with light colored jeans and heels and a brown tank top with dark jeans and the same shoes.

We played around with a couple of poses and facial expressions ranging from full-on smiles and laughs to flirty smirks and the famous sexy pout.

I only did two outfits that day to start with so the photographer could submit them to the company for their approval. Luckily, they LOVED my photos and were very impressed with the way they turned out. The photographer said they were very interested to know who I was and want me to come back and do future shoots for their line! I'm hoping I'll build a great working relationship with them that can lead to other opportunities, such as being the company spokesmodel, brand representative, etc.

This is why it is important to network with photographers and keep in touch with them. Each time you create a great shooting experience with a photographer, that makes you memorable to them. This increases your odds of being referred to a client for future work and getting more exposure.

I'll be sure to update this post to include more photos as they become available. I'm scheduled for another shoot for Stickie Brand that is supposed to include a handful of other models next Sunday so I'll keep you posted!


pinup_girl said...

Sounds great!! Good luck.

chanelbabe1 said...

hi so its chanelbabe1 from teen vogue.well i live in northern michigan and i dont know of any modeling agencies around there.i reaaaally want to do run way.is there any way u could help me out?