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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Waiting on Your Photos?

This post is for the models who have already done a shoot with a photographer and still haven't received their images, whether it was through TFP, TFCD or any other type of shoot.

This can be a very frustrating situation and one where you need to be aware of how you react because above all things you still want to remain professional.

When shooting with a photographer, make sure it is understood exactly how things are going to work when it comes to getting your images from the photographer. Most photographers will have your images ready for you within one (1) week after shooting with you.

Keep in mind that photographers are busy people, some with a full-time job during the week in addition to their photography and others who do photography full-time and keep a busy calendar/schedule. Most times a photographer will not give you a timeline they know they cannot meet.

Be sure to discuss the method of pick-up. Are they going to snail mail you a CD of the images? Are they going to email them to you? Are you going to pick it up from them in person? These details need to be ironed out and agreed upon by the end of the shoot to avoid any delays.

Of course, things don't always turn out as planned. If you still have not received your photos by the deadline the photographer tells you, give him/her a call or shoot an email asking when would be a good time to talk about getting the photos from them. You may have to make different arrangements so keep your options open and take the photographer's schedule into consideration as well.

In my professional opinion, two (2) weeks is the longest any model should have to wait to receive their images. Don't quote me on that and cuss out the photographer if you've been waiting that long, it is just my opinion. I've actually been waiting almost a month for some prints I was supposed to get but I am going to be shooting with that photographer later on this weekend and I do plan to have those prints before I leave that day! ;)

While it can be very irritating and frustrating to be put on hold for pictures, you do not want to come across as unprofessional or with a bad attitude. Be polite when you email or talk to the photographer and let them know that having the photos on time is very important to you. Don't be a bug-a-boo and harrass the photographer by loading up their inbox or voicemail with multiple messages no matter how upset you may be (easier said than done, trust me, I know).

In the worst case scenario, you may never get your photos, which is likely to happen. In this case, it's better to cut your losses and just suck it up. And if it takes months for you to get your images from a photographer, you may want to avoid working with them in the future. Do not burn your bridges. Instead, bow out gracefully.

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