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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Shopping With a Stylist

If you ever have the opportunity to prep for an upcoming photo shoot by shopping with the stylist assigned to that shoot, do it! You don't have to become a fashion guru to be a model, but it helps to know what colors and patterns look good on you and photograph well.

 Most stylists are really eccentric and like to put you in outfits that may be out of your comfort zone. Again, modeling does not mean catering to your tastes so just go with the flow.

While shopping with the stylist, be open-minded. Don't be outright disagreeable or put your thumbs down at an outfit they put together that you don't like. That's just rude and disrespectful. Chances are you'll already know what theme the shoot is for so the stylist will have to work within those limits.

At the same time, don't feel like you have to be fake and say that you love everything they pick out. Take some risks with the clothes you try on and try to see things from the stylist or photographer's point of view.

Don't be surprised if you wind up getting more clothes than needed. Even if you only need 3 looks, it's normal to buy 4 to 5 outfits. Sometimes the photographer may not like a particular outfit you and the stylist have put together and may want to suggest switching certain pieces of clothing out. It's always easier to have more to work with than to be limited by having less.

If your agency is footing the bill for the shopping spree with the stylist, that's great but if you're coming out of pocket for this expense, don't worry. If you are concerned about your budget, prior to making the shopping arrangements with the stylist, ask him/her about the possibility of returning the items you purchase that you know you won't wear again. It's not uncommon to keep the tags on the clothes during the photo shoot--posing so the tags are blocked from the camera or Photoshopping them out of course--so that it is easier for you to return them afterwards.

Be sure to communicate with your stylist and get comfortable with him/her. They'll most likely ask you what kind of clothes you normally wear, what colors you have in your current wardrobe, what items of clothing you have already available to bring to the shoot, etc. Let them know what you're used to and what you haven't tried yet. The stylist will not force you to wear something you don't like. It's always best when each item chosen is favored by both people.

A stylist is there to make sure you look amazing in your photos so trust him/her. They are there for a purpose and it's to make you look good. If you are returning your purchases, don't wait too long and note each store's return/refund policy. Keep all receipts together as well.

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Jennifer said...

Good tips! I love all your pictures!