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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Latest on Dania Denise...

So let’s see…for the past month or so I slowed down on taking modeling gigs because I was getting too busy and with the weather getting so beautiful, I wanted to sit back and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Of course the itch to get back to modeling came back soon enough and now I’m opening myself up for taking on more projects again.

Although I am actively taking on projects again I am keeping the load light so that I don’t stretch myself too thin and exhaust myself, which I have the unfortunate habit of doing at times. This month I have a jewelry shoot on May 18th with a great photographer (David Quinn) and makeup artist (Rachelle Dalton) for my portfolio (you can search their names on the site www.ModelMayhem.com to see their portfolios of work). These are the first batch of images that I’ll be showing to Ford so that hopefully they will start submitting me to beauty and cosmetic-related gigs.

Hmm…what else? Ah, I have an upcoming interview with a chef out of Marin, California who is looking for a model/actress to act as his assistant for a pilot episode he is pitching to The Food Network. The contacts he has there have been begging him to do a cooking show for a few years now and he finally feels comfortable enough to take on the project. The shoot takes place in front of a live audience on Sunday, May 25th. He liked my headshot and resume so I’ll be meeting with him sometime this week or the next. If I get the gig, I will be paid (yay!) and will also receive a dvd of the episode for my demo reel—score! I’ve been meaning to build up my reel for a while now—you’d be surprised how hard it is to get copies of the work you’ve done. Bigger clients/companies are so worried about what information and work is being used by the talent so often they don’t reward us with copies of the work we’ve done (I didn’t even get a copy of the Rosetta Stone TV commercial I did in February of this year). Sucks.

Oh, and this Friday I'm attending a model casting call for this year's Fashion On The Square in San Francisco--one of the largest outdoor fashion shows on the West Coast! I've been dying to be in this show but never knew when the castings were. Luckily, one of my new contacts sent me the info and I'll be auditioning in a few days. There are no size or height requirements, which I think is awesome so it should prove to be an interesting experience if I get in. Not to mention that the show is held in Union Square in SF which is right next to Ford's office. I'm sure me walking the runway in that show will get their attention! :) Wish me luck--I really hope I get in--while it is an open casting call, they don't take everybody and they do pay the models in the show...a major plus.

So that’s the most current stuff I’ve been involved with lately. Don’t worry, there are more fun-filled posts with tips and tricks of the trade to come. I’ll start to focus on the role that parents play in their child’s modeling careers as well—can’t forget about them! :)

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