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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #16

DAiShA Wrote:

hayyyy omg i sware this is pretty good advice. im 13 also and i want to be a victoria secret model. i have that figure [sadly for my age]. i would love to do lingerie modeling on day. i want to do all types of modeling really. but my body type is very curvy. not like a skinny flatcheasted model. sooo what should i do?

Your height in addition to your figure (measurements) will determine what type of modeling you can do. It takes a lot to be a VS model so if you can manage to fulfill all the requirements I listed in my blog post about it, then you’ll be way ahead of the game. However, if you end up not being tall enough (5’8” and taller) by the time you turn 18 (when you’re legally allowed to do lingerie and related work), you’ll have to stick to commercial/print. When you sign with an agent, let them know you mostly want to do lingerie work and they will do their best to submit you to those clients.

Being curvy isn’t a bad thing but you have to also be sure that your measurements are ideal and that you are proportional in figure. Ideal measurements for models, regardless of what kind of modeling you want to do, should fall somewhere within this range: 34-24-34 (bust, waist, hips). At most, one inch more than any of these measurements is okay but not two or more.

I’m sure there are some agencies that represent lingerie models but I don’t believe there are a large number of them with actual lingerie model divisions. However, I’m sure they are out there so it’s a matter of researching them. But even if you just sign with a regular commercial/print agency, as long as you let them know the type of work you want to do, they’ll work with you to find those gigs. But you have 5 more years to go before you can even do lingerie so worry about that when the time comes. There isn’t much you can do about it now. And if anyone wants to hire you for lingerie or swimwear (that isn’t age-appropriate) before you’re 18 years of age, stay away! They are operating illegally by asking a minor to do adult-themed work.


ki~ki said...

Hey Dania,
It's me again. My last open call went more as expected. I went to Reinhard Modeling agency in Philadelphia. When it was my turn, my interview didnt take very long. I asked her a few questions like if they are looking for anything in specific and so on. She answered my questions and said that if they need me they will contact me. She also said if I lose a few inches she would enocourage me to come back. I'm a little upset because I dont know where I stand i.e if I have the look, right measurements, camera friendly and so on. Right now I know I wanna do some runway and commercial print. For runway I know I'm kinda to big my measurements are a little bigger than I thought they were (34-27-39). Thus, is my measurements okay for commerical print or am I too big to fit those clothes too(Kinda funny I'M SKINNY how can I be too big). In addition, if modeling agencies say they deal with inexperienced models, does this mean they will train them too and if so do you think they would only take me if I have the right measurements when I first walk through their door or do they work with me since I'm only a few inches too big???????????????????

Dania Denise said...

Hi, ki-ki! You'll find your answers in the post "Answering a Reader Question #17." :D