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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Multivitamins and Facial Masks: My Best Friends

…well, in addition to Photoshop and food. Haha. Man, it has been a tough week. Last week I had a hectic schedule between castings and I picked up a video acting project (I do TV/Film/Commercial acting as well as modeling) so I had to juggle the shooting schedule with my office job.

Last week I worked the following:

- Monday: No shoot, just the office job from 9am-6pm

- Tuesday: Shoot all day from 9am-11pm

- Wednesday: Work at the office job from 8am-5:30pm (went to a casting in San Francisco during my lunch break), then off to my shoot from 6pm-12:30am

- Thursday: Day off from the office job and the shoot got pushed back to Monday…free day spent doing stuff though so no sleeping in. Boo!

- Friday: Work at the office job from 9am-6pm, then off to my shoot from 6pm-1:15am

- Monday: Work at the office job from 9am-6pm, then off to my shoot from 6pm-12:30am

You can bet I was exhausted! I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep this week. The challenge about being an actor is that the hours are typically way, way longer than a photoshoot for modeling. And working consecutive days is also a hassle.

Luckily, schedules like that don’t happen too often but when it does, I beef up on my skin care routine. Long hours and the inability to squeeze in 7-8 hours of sleep can really enhance the appearance of bags and dark circles. Not only that, wearing makeup day after day can take a toll on my complexion.

My solution? I make sure to take my multivitamin each day. You’d be surprised how the body can endure when it has a healthy does of vitamins and minerals in the system. I take Women’s One a Day with added calcium. I’m telling you, if you aren’t taking a multivitamin, you’re doing your body a great injustice.

Additionally, to make sure my complexion doesn’t fall prone to breakouts and irritation, I pick up a good facial mask from the store. I get the kind for combination skin, which is the skin type I have, or I’ll get one for sensitive skin if I’m not familiar with the brand. I don’t splurge for the super expensive name brand ones…instead I look at the label to see what ingredients are in the formula and choose accordingly. Doing a facial mask once or twice a week during busy shooting schedules helps to keep my skin in shape and also allows my skin care products to absorb into my skin better.

So far I’ve been trying to find a day where I can sleep in and not have to do anything but until I get that day off, at least I can find comfort in the fact that I’m not punishing my face and body too badly. =)

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Synaura said...

One of the biggest advantage of taking multivitamins daily is that it can supply the deficient vitamin that we lack from eating foods. But one must not overdose with it for it may cause some side effects.
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