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Monday, July 28, 2008

Dania Denise to Compete in the 2009 Miss California USA Pageant!

I’m sure among all the things you know about me, you didn’t know I was into pageantry. Well, I’m not one of those pageantry types who have been doing it my whole life. Back in high school I did two local pageants as a promise to my best friend in the whole world (and pageant coach), Paris Chase Watson. I didn’t place in either, but at the time I wasn’t trying to win the crown—I wanted the experience. I wanted to see what the huge deal was about pageants and why my best friend was so obsessed with them. He hasn’t missed a major pageant show in his entire life!

Being in the thick of it all definitely gave me a better appreciation for the women who have been doing this their whole lives. It is no cakewalk and poke fun at it if you wish, but how many of you could don an evening gown and a bathing suit and grace the stage in front of hundreds if not thousands of people in the audience (and an additional million or so that watch from their homes)? Not many.

While I left the pageants alone after my second one, there was always that thought in the back of my head, “What if…?” Many of the winners and runner-ups have gone on to get wonderful exposure in the public and further their careers, both in pageantry and modeling, as well as other career goals not related to the entertainment industry. So even if I didn’t win the title, I’d still benefit from being associated with such a prestigious event and may catch the eye of someone in the industry who can boost my career.

I’ve gone through a lot in the years since my last pageant and I feel that I am mature enough, experienced enough and better equipped to compete on a higher level. So I was very excited when I got the call from K2 Productions (the company in charge of putting together the pageant), saying that I made the first cut. I was asked preliminary questions and told that if I made the next round, I would be notified.

Well, I got my acceptance letter in the mail a few days ago and needless to say, was very excited. I’m one of less than 150 girls chosen to participate and I’m sure more than 150 apply each year. I’ve been invited to the official orientation in Palm Springs, California, on October 25th and the actual pageant will take place November 21-23 of this year. So I’ve got plenty of time to prepare, which is good. Now I’ve just got to pay my competition fee of $1,500.00. Yikes! This is a lot of money but it includes everything from lodging and transportation, to the photoshoot and many, many other things required to make the pageant possible. Before you think to yourself, “Man, Dania, that’s a whole lot of money…are you sure this is legit?” remember that the Miss California USA pageant has been around for a long time and is anything but a scam. Each woman you’ve watched in beauty pageants from Miss USA to Miss Universe have paid such fees in order to compete. It’s a factor that I’m very aware of. That’s why many have sponsors and friends and family who help chip in with donations. Many contestants have never paid a dime because of the amount of sponsorship they have received, while others who are financially able to, simply pay the fee themselves. I do plan on covering the majority of the costs because I have the money for it, but I will be seeking donations and sponsorship wherever possible. If any of you have a few dollars to throw for support, please feel free to do so via Paypal. My email address for donations through PayPal is: DaniaDenise@gmail.com.

Wish me luck! Since there are still a few more months to go before the actual competition, I’ll be sure to keep you updated, especially after I come back from the orientation in October. Road trip!!!

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pinup_girl said...

Wow! A pageant sounds exciting. You sound so perfect for it, since most people have misconceptions that contestants are shallow & stupid. You certainly are not, so I think it would be great for you to show the world that it's possible for people to have beauty & brains! Best of luck to you. I know you'll rock it!