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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest Shoot: NSG Hair Campaign

Another day, another shoot! My latest project was for a national hair campaign for a company called NSG, which makes high end hair extensions...and it's the good stuff! LOL. The shoot took place at the photographer's studio in Oakland, CA. My call time for makeup and hair was 9:30am.

There were three models total, including myself and the cool thing was that each of us got our own hair stylist to put in the extensions. There was one makeup artist and I loved how she did my makeup. I got that done first then I was sent to get my hair prepped.

The company's rep, who was also the person that chose us for the shoot, was there in the role of Creative Director. She basically worked with the photographer, Curtis Jermany, to make sure that he captured the images NSG wanted for its website, marketing materials and other printed items for showcasing the product.

I had to get most of my hair braided into cornrows for them to attach the extensions and the lady who did the braiding (bless her heart) was so rough that I was tearing up throughout the process. I never get my hair braided and I have sensitive scalp so having the pressure of pulling, braiding and tension gave me the biggest headache. But she did let me know to say if she was doing too much but I got used to it and just sucked it up. Thankfully, she's super skilled at braiding fast so she was done in about 20-25 minutes. Because my eyes had been tearing up, it kind of messed up my eye makeup so I had to get it retouched, haha. There's no beauty without pain, that's for sure!

Each model took turns doing solo shots, which were beauty oriented, meaning they were taken from the shoulder up. The shoot overall took about 7 hours total so it was a long day but a fun one, of course. Who can complain about sitting around getting pampered, having my hair and makeup done and taking pretty pictures?

I got to wear a denim type sundress, which was a bit big on me so they pinned the back as best as they could. Because the images were from the shoulders up, I kept my jeans on underneath but did put on my heels so that I could get into my "model mode" with posing. NSG is also looking for a spokesmodel for the company.

So far I'm in the running but because they're revamping everything, it will take a while for them to get around to solidifying the spokesmodeling position. I should get the final images in another 2 weeks but I did get one image from the photographer, as well as behind the scenes flicks, which were taken by the studio's intern, John. Thanks to him, I got some fun images to remember the experience.

I'm on the left. We laid on the floor for quite a while (my butt was so numb, haha). This was the last shot of the day and the only one with all of the models together.
Checking my makeup in the mirror.
Getting my lip color touched up.
Me in between shots in my size 2 dress that was so not a true size 2! I was thinking about my next pose.
Thinking about my next pose again in between shots.
John, the intern, has a knack for capturing candids of me where it actually looks like I was posing. I think I was spacing out, looking at the other models getting their makeup done, haha.
Me in action on set. Just another day at the "office." :-)

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