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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Funny Dania Denise Tearsheet Moment

As I like to say, tearsheets are better than money for models because they are direct proof that a model has been published, regardless of where it is. Imagine my surprise when I received a post on my Facebook Wall from a girlfriend of mine, stating that I was in her college textbook! LOL. She said soon as she opened to that page in class, she started freaking out. I can only imagine how crazy her classmates must have thought she was, claiming to know one of the people in the book! Hahahahaha.

I had no idea what image it could have been, so I asked her to take a pic and post it on my Wall, which she did. It happened to be a shot from a stock shoot I did years ago for a local photographer who sells her images on the website SnappyStock.com. Her stock photos sell very well because the very same image also appeared in an online section of the PG&E website (that photo is the smaller one associated with this post in the upper right corner). I tell ya, when it comes to doing stock photography modeling, you really have no idea where your picture will end up!

Here's the flick my friend, Liz, shot (I gotta get the name of that textbook so I can rip the page out and add it to my portfolio, LOL):

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