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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Modeling Scouts

Nothing seems more exciting than being randomly approached by a model scout who tells you that you've got the looks to make it big. Getting scouted can be a great boost to your ego, but after the initial shock of possibly "getting discovered" wears off, take everything with a grain of salt until you see the bigger picture.

When talking to someone who claims they are a model scout, be polite and answer any questions they ask, but be sure to not give out any personal info like your home address or your phone number.

 Legit modeling scouts will tell you their little spiel (speech) and give you their business card with instructions on how to go about being represented by the agency. They will never ask you for your personal information when they meet you.

Modeling scouts get paid on commission, which means that they make money only when the people they've scouted sign up with the company. So keep that in mind. You may have the looks but chances are that he/she has been giving the same lines and business cards out to anyone who is remotely attractive and eager to break into the modeling business.

Top agencies such as FORD, BMG, Elite, etc. do have model scouts but so do a lot of other wannabe modeling agencies. Make sure to do your homework and read the post below because the types of modeling organizations I talk about in Modeling & Casting Companies: What to Avoid also have their own scouts and if that is what you come face to face with, walk away and try not to be too disappointed.

It's fun to get scouted by someone but it's even better when you know that the agency you're about to meet with is legit and will work in your favor and not in favor of getting your money.

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