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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What You Should Look for In An Agent

I've already made a post similar to this one but I want to focus more on the actual physical working relationship between an agent and a model.

Having an agency at your side is the ultimate asset any model can have, male or female, young or old. However, it is a business relationship and only the most successful modeling careers continue to flourish when there is mutual respect and trust between an agency and its models.

There is such a thing as a model being fitted with the wrong agency. That's why it's important to do your homework and make sure that you find an agency that is right for you.

That being said, when you're attending open casting calls, interviewing with modeling agencies, or are going over your contract, there are a few things to keep in mind, aside from trying to keep yourself from getting scammed.

Because you'll be working one-on-one with your agent, make sure that you are comforable around him/her. You may be working with different bookers at the agency or you may correspond with one main person. It can be intimidating at first but look past the agency and modeling atmosphere and try to figure out if you feel comfortable enough around the agency's staff and other big players.

It's always reassuring to know that you get a good vibe from the people who you're working with. Try to picture yourself interacting with these same people everyday and see if that is the particular environment you want to work in.

Trust is the most important factor that a model and agency must have. You have to be able to feel comfortable enough to trust that your agent is booking you for jobs that will benefit you as well as the agency. You should be able to come to your agent with any questions or concerns and feel secure in knowing that your agent won't steer you wrong. Without trust, you can't have a positive and successful partnership.

Each agency brings its own sense of style and atmosphere; the larger agencies will undoubtedly be buzzing with people and move at a fast pace, while smaller agencys almost feel like a second home where you know everyone by name. Knowing which one you fit into and knowing you'll be able to fit into that mold will help greatly when it comes time for you to decide who to sign with if you get an offer.

Sign with an agency that you feel will operate in your best interest. Don't just sign with an agency because you're desparate to get work and get your face out in the public. When you talk with your agent, take note of how responsive he/she is to you and how they answer your questions. Give yourself a chance to explain the type of work you like to do or would like to do and see if your agent books you for such work or if they take you in a completely different direction.

Communication is key. Don't be a stranger to your agent but don't annoy them, either. If you've been signed and work is a little slow, be sure to contact your agent from time to time to keep up the latest trends in the modeling world or simply to say "hi." An agent will always appreciate a model who takes an active interest in their career, as opposed to sitting back and waiting for a phone call.

Not all of the things I'm talking about are necessarily bad if they don't happen (such as feeling an initial good vibe) but it's always helpful to know what to expect as well as what to look for. Signing with an agency is a vital step to starting or maintaining your modeling career but that doesn't mean you should settle for an agency that doesn't listen to you, doesn't try to compromise and orders you around. Then again, sometimes that kind of atmosphere tends to come with the territory.

While seeking agency representation, make sure that you know with your whole heart that you belong with that particular agency. Agencies tend to operate as parents, with the models as their offspring. This is an extended family that you will be a part of and it will take some time to get used to, but once you really click with your agency, everything will fall into place and your working relationship with your agency will be greatly beneficial to all who are involved.

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