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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Petite Modeling

I have a petite build. Always have, always will. However, I am not a petite model. I am a commercial/print model and I think that there is some confusion between the two.

Commercial/print modeling is a very in demand part of the modeling industry that uses models of all sizes to promote products through catalogs, flyers, magazines, etc. and are aimed at the general public.

Petite modeling operates in the same way, except that the target audience is smaller and the requirements aren't as open as commercial/print. Think of commercial/print as a "free for all" and petite modeling as a "select few".

This type of modeling does include runway but because this part of the modeling industry isn't as well-known or popular, these types of bookings are very rare. Many agencies have a special petite models division and there are some that solely specialize in petite models only. The general requirements vary but the rule of thumb is that anybody who is under 5'8" and no shorter than 5'0" can be a petite model.

While this may seem like the same "free for all" requirements in commercial/print, in order to be a petite model, you have to have an amazing figure that is proportional and you must have a flawless face. Basically, petite models have to have the same "it" factor as fashion/runway models but all contained in a petite frame.

Because petite modeling serves a very specific and small group of people, the bookings for such jobs may not be as numerous as the other types of modeling. Not everyone is jumping on the petite model train at this point in time so this part of the modeling industry still has a way to go but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pursue it.

If you fit the requirements, then go for it. But just know that this isn't one of the best paying parts of the modeling industry and you may be better off crossing over into commercial/print to get more bookings. Talk to agencies that represent petite models and see how much work they've gotten their models.

I'm not trying to cast a bad light on petite modeling or steer anyone away from it. It's great that petite modeling even exists and there's nothing wrong with wanting to stick to representing your group but right now the demand for petite models is not there so doing petite modeling alone won't get you much work--of course there is always the opportunity to do both commercial/print as well as petite modeling or even parts modeling.

But people also said plus-size modeling would never amount to much or be taken seriously and now that part of the modeling industry is taking off so maybe in a few more years, the spotlight will be cast on petite models as well. My best advice about pursuing petite modeling is to also do commercial/print so that you can build your portfolio up faster and get booked for more gigs.

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