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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spotlight: Paul Fisher

I received an email on behalf of Paul Fisher, who has represented the likes of Naomi Campbell, Janice Dickinson, Monica Bellucci, Stephanie Seymour, Carre Otis, Brooke Burke, Kimora Lee Simmons, Nicky Hilton and many others.

I read over his bio and what he's accomplished in his 20 years in the industry and he is taking a radical approach to the modeling industry and the role that agencies themselves play when it comes to the types of models they recruit. I thought it was a very interesting idea and felt that some of my readers could appreciate what Paul is trying to do. Check it out:

Paul is using his knowledge gained over the past 20 years in the modeling and fashion industries in order help transform how modeling agents interface with their talent. Paul is really trying to do something special for the way young women are treated in the tough world of the modeling industry… By educating many young agents to have the “right” consciousness he feels he can accomplish this goal.

A small sample of Paul’s thoughts about the modeling industry… “I think it is really hard on young women. I believe when a young girl has her physical appearance judged five times a day - 25 times a week - 100 times a month - 1200 times a year it can be very damaging for many years to a young person’s view of themselves. When one is judged about their religious or political beliefs, it can be handled... But to have your looks put underneath a microscope 24 hours a day is something that can last a life time”… Paul doesn’t suggest the modeling industry to the thousands of girls that ask of him for his advice on a monthly basis through his new company, that trains people how to be agents and offers advice to aspiring models… 99.9% of the time Paul suggests the person to NOT continue their career as a model and to find a different career.

On his website: http://www.thenetworktalent.com/, Paul Fisher has created an online community for models and agencies to post their information and gain access to resources to help them succeed in the industry. Paul is also taking it upon himself to properly educate these individuals as to how they can make a difference by learning how to stay away from the negative, weight-obsessed requirements that many established agencies today thrive on.

The site is interesting and I think that Paul is definitely someone to be taken seriously, given all his experience in the field. I commend him and hope that his efforts truly create a new wave of agencies and bookers that are ready to break out of the tired old traditional mold that has influenced so many young people in negative ways over the years.


Amber said...

This sounds really interesting and valuable. I know the weight issue is an important one - even though agencies and models will brush it off as superficial. More people than will admit struggle with body image in the modeling industry.

Ildico said...

I worked with paul when he was up and coming....he was with LIND models in NY and Jeremy Foster Fell, He became his own with it models. Yes he knows what he is doing