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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Info on Modeling Markets

As with the other two posts I did, I got this information from Independent Modeling. Some of you may be wondering where the hot spots are for modeling and below is general information on this topic:

Fashion Capitals
New York in the United States, Milan in Italy, and Paris in France

Secondary Markets

Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami

Local Markets
Tampa, Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, and other large cities

Model Job Rates For Service Markets
Both Tampa and Seattle are considered to be local markets with a close proximity to secondary markets, which leads to a healthy mix of work. Tampa is a short drive from Miami, which is a secondary model market, and Seattle is up the Pacific coast from Los Angeles, another secondary market.

So what happens if you don't live in any of these areas? That doesn't mean you can't make it as a model but the chances of hitting it big will be drastically reduced. Living in or near a good modeling market will give you prime choices in terms of modeling agencies, quality and frequency of work, and pay rates.

There are many small, local modeling agencies in random cities across the country, which could allow for opportunities to gain experience, build your portfolio, and make some money but if you want to take your modeling career to the next level, your chances will be better off if you head to any of the markets mentioned above.

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