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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dania Denise in a Fashion Show? (Update #2)

Okay, so you know how in the post below I was talking about participating in a small, local fashion show for a college? Yeah, well it turns out that the show isn't going to be so small...it's being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in CA and is expecting a turnout of 600 people! There are going to be 43 models--including yours truly...YAY!--with four outfit changes.

Even though we won't be getting paid, we get 50% off 5 tickets so my friends and family can get in for only $5.00. And there is already going to be a photographer taking pictures at the event and I will be getting a CD of the high resolution images for my portfolio use. Score! My boyfriend says he still plans on taking pictures of me anyway so hey, I get two great shoots in one! Sweet!

The fitting tonight went really well. I arrived at the school and met with the show coordinator and she gave me four outfits to try: a long, slinky and form-fitting crushed velvet black and burgundy dress that flared out at the bottom, silky purple pants and a black sleeveless top, a light and flowy summer dress with matching belt and a golden dress that is marilyn monroe style.

Unlike other times when I've tried on clothes for a designer, only to have them not fit me right and totally disgust the designer, this time around was completely the opposite! I can't tell you how amazing it felt to walk into the room and have the fashion show coordinator clap her hands and jump up and down because she was so pleased with how I fit everything. She was so excited, which definitely excited me. So I have my four outfits all set.

I have a dress rehearsal on Saturday, September 8th and the actual show is going to take place on Sunday, September 16th. The show itself is going to be huge with a lot of lighting, tech, and special effects. Each model is going to walk up two short flights of stairs and come to a small platform.

We'll be standing behind a huge white screen and when the light hits the screen, the designer's name will appear as well as the model's name and then we're going to strike a pose, so the audience will only see our silhouette. Then the lights will cut out and we'll go back down the stairs and then appear on the catwalk. She compared the look to "Project Runway." How cool is that?

So needless to say, I am giddy and totally excited about this show! Luckily, I do have some fashion/runway experience but I am positive that this is going to turn out a million times better than the past shows I've done, where I had a negative experience. I can't wait to get the photos from the event and share them with you here!

Wish me luck and for all you gals under 5'8", I'll proudly be representing you all!

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Airica said...

I'm 5'6... you make me have inspiration :'D