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Friday, August 10, 2007

Hair Show Modeling

One type of modeling that is often overlooked is hair modeling. Hair shows are huge around the country and there is no end to the castings for hair models. You don't have to be with an agent to book these types of modeling gigs so this is excellent for new models and freelancers. Some hair shows have an open height requirement so that is also a plus, but it's best to double check that if it isn't stated.

Hair shows work just like runway shows except instead of focusing on the clothes, the focus is on the hair. Hair stylists from all over the world make their mark by showcasing their best 'dos on the runways. Some hair shows are smaller than others but either way, the experience is definitely worth it and is great for a resume.

Runway modeling is involved so for new models who want to practice strutting their stuff, hair shows will give you plenty to work with. This type of modeling is also great for models who know they don't qualify to walk in a high fashion show, but love the idea of doing runway.

Some hair shows pay their models and some don't. For the ones that do not offer monetary compensation, they often provide a whole lot more to make up for the lack of money. Any hair show that states it will give its models tearsheets (if you are hired to appear in print form for their hair style book or magazine), copies of photos taken (if a photographer has been hired for the event, which they usually are), food, transportation, and obviously a free hair cut, color and style, is definitely the type of gig you want to get.

Even though I am a stickler for modeling gigs that don't pay, hair show modeling is a definite exception to the rule. If you think about it, many of the hair stylists that are at these hair shows work at salons that charge way more than any of us would care to spend on our hair. For them to offer models a FREE cut, color and style, the salon is literally giving away hundreds of dollars' worth of services...so you are getting paid, just in a different way.

If there is a casting call for hair models that you're interested in, make sure they are legit...call the salon and ask to see their website if they have one, and look carefully at what they are offering for compensation. Some castings will only have enough in the budget to offer a free cut, color and style, and that's okay...but try to find the ones that give you the most. Sometimes you can even get free hair care products and gift bags, so choose wisely.

When it comes to a casting for hair models, it is going to be a cattle call. There will be tons of girls there so it's your job to make sure you stand out in the crowd. Make sure your hair is at its best and that it is healthy. The best models for hair shows are the ones with lots of hair, whether it's thick, straight, curly, in layers, etc. The more hair, the better. You don't have to do an elaborate hairstyle when trying out, either. Wear your hair how you normally would or choose a style that flatters your face and shows off your best features.

If you're a little low on the volume or have shorter hair, that doesn't mean you're out of the running...just play up your features and show them that your face and hair are a dynamite duo. You will be asked to walk down the runway so they can see how you move. They will not expect you to be a pro at it so don't panic if your strut is less than stellar.

Breathe, be yourself and let your personality shine while you do your walk. If you mess up, just keep it moving and don't think twice. It is common for them to take polaroids of you in order to place a name with a face but these photos don't have to be perfect.

This may seem obvious but if you want to be a hair show model, you have to be willing to let them do anything to your hair...and I mean ANYTHING. If you love your tresses and can't stand the thought of cutting them, putting crazy colors or anything else out of your comfort zone, THEN HAIR MODELING IS NOT FOR YOU AND DON'T EVEN TRY!!!

When doing this type of modeling, it is automatically agreed upon that you are allowing your hair to be at the mercy of whatever stylist touches it so don't waste your time or the salon's if you don't want anything extreme to be done.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dania,
Thank you SO MUCH for posting on Hair Show Modeling. I am 39 with no modeling experience, but I worked as an extra in a movie last year and wanted to do more. Your post on hair modeling helped me know what's involved, and with your "virtual" help I got past the first cut in one huge show, and I was cast in 2 others.
Your pictures are amazing!
Thanks for sharing your experiences! I have learned so much from all your posts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been scanning the internet all day, trying to find anything that will help me with my audition on Friday. I am an impossibly short girl who is just getting her feet wet in the business. I never thought I would have an opportunity to walk down a runway given my height, so I am fuh-lipping out, running around my apartment in heels, trying to get the walk right. Please, keep helping the rest of us out! We love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you!!!!! Super helpful!