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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Agencies vs. Managers

Many times there can be confusion as to who does what in a model's life and who is a part of it. It's already common knowledge that for most models, having an agent is a must.

Aside from it helping with exposure, agency representation helps weed out the bad elements so 99% of the time (I say 99% instead of 100% because these days you can't really be 100% sure about anything) you are only dealing with legit photographers, art directors, crews, etc. and are getting the best pay.

But what about managers? I know there are model hopefuls out there as well as established models who may be wondering if they need a manager and what exactly a manager does.

I can safely tell you that most models do not need a manager. If you already have an agent, they pretty much act as your manager. If you are freelancing and/or don't have agency representation, then a manager may help you but it is not going to make or break you to not have one.

Managers are more or less associated with actors and actresses or those in the entertainment field, such as singers and musicians. In the entertainment field, managers serve as your go-to person for career advice, networking purposes, talking to potential clients, helping with legal advice and paperwork related to contracts, etc. There are different types of managers that serve various purposes: personal managers, business managers, and road managers.

Unlike modeling agencies, managers do not usually have huge rosters of clients. They tend to develop and foster close-working relationships with a small handful of talent (actors, musicians, singers, etc.). Managers help counsel, develop and market their talent just like agents do for their models.

So as a model, you technically would never need a manager. Your agency already takes care of the majority of duties that entertainment managers do...and then some. So don't feel the need to have both...it is, in a sense, a waste of time, especially since most managers operate using contracts like modeling agencies do and it wouldn't serve you any good to sign a contract with a manger that would conflict with your agent's or that would hold you back from your real potential as a model.

Having an agent is more than enough for one model to have. They are like your managers so don't feel like you're missing out by not having a manager in your entourage. It is because agencies also double as managers that many modeling agencies have the word "Management" in its title.

But signing to an agency that doesn't have "Management" in its title does not mean you won't have a manager or won't be managed--because you will. That is the agency's sole responsibility: to represent you and help you manage your career by booking you for gigs.

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