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Monday, February 26, 2007

Getting an Entourage/Crew

Having a crew or entourage isn't just for the models who have already made it. It is possible to have your own crew who's there to help make you look fabulous!

I've been blessed with friends who specialize in all of the areas that are important to a model.

When it comes to needing a photographer, I have at least four people I can turn to. The first is my boyfriend--needless to say, I get as many free photo shoots as I want with him! The second is my best girlfriend who went to the Brooks Institue of Photography in Santa Barbara. The third is a photographer who I met through Onemodelplace.com.

We did a couple of TFPs together and continue to keep in touch. The last photographer is actually another girlfriend of mine who went to high school with me. Each of these photographers does excellent work and their looks are all different. So depending on what mood or look I need to create, I have a great group to choose from.

My best guy friend is my stylist. He knows my wardrobe better than I do and has a great eye for colors and he knows exactly how I want to look and what needs to always be in place whenever I'm in front of the camera. He also keeps track of all my accessories and helps me shop for clothes and other necessities I need for shoots.

When it comes to makeup, I have a girlfriend who is a pro. She is trying to get into the professional makeup artist field and I decided to help her portfolio along by hiring her to do my makeup on my shoots. We discuss what colors go with what outfits ahead of time and she uses a range of products, but our mutual favorite hands down is MAC. She knows the look I'm going for and respects my need to not look overdone. She never gets crazy with my makeup and always asks me for my opinion with each look she experiments on me with.

I've been extremely lucky to have such a strong group of people working with me (not working under me or working for me because without their efforts, I wouldn't be where I am). Not only are they professionals in their own right, but they're also my closest friends who love to help me achieve my modeling goals, while being able to do what they love.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming for a model to do it all on his/her own. Before you look into hiring and paying out the nose for a makeup artist, hair stylist, stylist or photographer, look around you. Maybe one or two of your friends are really great in one of these areas. Use their talents to help you and to help them develop their talents. It's a cost-efficient and reliable way to have people who are going to be in your corner and who will help you succeed. Keep your friends close--I always do.

1 comment:

PictureMe2 on a iPad! said...

Excellent article!
It's a blessing to know people who can help and bless you all at the same time!

I am a photographer and I love capturing kids with my camera and boy, do I know a lot of kids in my town.

My goals is to have mini sessions with these kids and in return (with parents permission and release form), give them free prints (similar to TFP).

Second, two of my female friends are makeup artist and hairstylist (did I spell that right)... Do will do anything for me for me. Anyway, I don't have a studio but I have a community center in my town that I could use for free! (I volunteer a lot in my town).

However, taking pictures outdoor is something I love to do. I have my neice to help hold the reflector and sometimes my nephew...

It's good to have people there to help!