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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For the Fellas

Don't worry, guys, I haven't left you out! Of course, being that I'm not a male model, the posts addressing you may not be as numerous but when I get info that I think will benefit a male model hopeful, I'll post. :)

When it comes to height and weight, well, for the guys the standards are pretty high just like with the female counterparts. Each agency does operate on its own height and weight requirement but here is a pretty standard requirement, according to www.Models.com:

Commercial/Print and Editorial/Fashion Modeling:
- height: 5'9" to 6'2"
- weight: 120 to 170 pounds

It isn't uncommon for agencies specializing in Editorial/Fashion Modeling to bump the height requirement up to a minimum of 5'11".

As far as your weight, men get a little bit luckier on this topic than the ladies, so if you're pretty fit, you should have no problem with weight requirements.

Surprisingly, you don't have to be built like a Chippendale's beefcake. A little tone doesn't hurt but agents look for all body types so don't frustrate yourself with just going for a certain type. The body type you naturally are is the one you should try to maintain unless you get constructive criticism from an agent.

As far as facial hair goes, an agent will tell you if your scruff needs to go or if that's the look they want you to keep. Stay as you are when submitting yourself to agencies. Wait until you're actually interviewing with an agent to ask for suggestions about what you should or should not change about your look to make you more marketable.

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