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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Deal with Modeling Conventions

Conventions are put together with the intention of getting hundreds of potential models, actors and performers in one place to showcase their talents to big time agencies and casting directors. Sometimes these events are used for other purposes, such as scamming the very people who have their hearts set on getting signed at these conventions.

Before signing up for a convention, ask for the list of agencies that are attending. You can call them to confirm they will in fact be in attendance. Make sure that they are the heavy hitter's not new agencies just starting up. The same applies here with investigating complaints online with the BBB.

Many conventions charge upwards of hundreds to thousands of dollars. Know what you're paying for. You shouldn't feel pressured to stay where the convention is taking place. This is just another way that the convention can save themselves money by getting discounts on room rates and getting more of your money into their pockets. If they insist that you stay at the hotel of their choice then this is one convention you may want to skip out on.

While conventions will get you maximum exposure, it may make it harder for you to catch the eye of anyone interested. It's hard to make yourself stand out when you're competing against hundreds of other people. When you do meet with the agents or others big wigs who are present, you may not get a lot of one-on-one time with them to make a good enough first impression. Not to mention that many conventions operate on a strict time schedule so you have to be where they tell you to be and go where they want you to go.

Make sure to have your parents look carefully into any convention that you may be interested in going to. Also keep in mind that there is so much more you can do for yourself by taking your future modeling career into your own hands by meeting with these agencies on your own instead of having to share the time with a bunch of other people.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of an aspiring model going to a convention to be discovered and all that, I believe it's best that he or she find someone they know very well like a family member, relative, friend, classmate, or co-worker who's into photography and take photos of them and send them to an agency. It's a lot cheaper and safer.