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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some Wardrobe Tips

When it comes to clothes, there are a few things to keep in mind. When submitting your photos to agencies, many of them will tell you that your pictures do not need to be professional. They want to see you as you are without all the glitz and glam and Photoshop.

Here are some tips I feel will help you out when you decide to start sending your photos in and are pretty general (this is in the event that the website doesn't give any specifics about submitting. If they have their own guidelines, then by all means, follow them--duh!)

Every model hopeful should own a baby tee and/or tank top, either regular or with spaghetti straps. These types of tops are very generic and won't take away from your appearance. More importantly, it allows the agent to see your face, neck, top of your chest, shoulders and arms clearly. Keep sleeves, if any, short so they can see your skin tone and skin condition.

Tank tops should be gray (heather gray is a popular shade that should be available anywhere). Try to stay away from black and white. Gray is a happy medium that looks good on all skin tones/complexions. If you have fair skin, stay away from white colored tops because they will make you look paler and likewise, stay away from black colored tops because they cause a very unflattering contrast with your skin. And remember: no logos, patterns, prints or brand names on the shirts! Advertise your favorite brands when you're representing them as a model and are getting paid for it!

Olive skin tones and darker skin tend to look better in white tops but for this purpose, gray tends to bring out the best in your skin and complexion. White on darker or tanner skin tends to make the shirt stand out too much, leaving you in the background. You don't want the agent to focus on your super white shirt--you want them to focus on you!

Wear comfortable jeans that aren't baggy. You're not Britney Spears, so please don't wear pants that are too low on the waist. Your jeans, or shorts, should be comfortable and sit at a decent place on your hips. You won't impress an agent by showing off your Victoria's Secret thong undies, and you definitely won't impress anyone by showing your crack. Yeah, I said "crack", don't be bashful about it because so many girls do this and it just looks horrible.

Keep your wardrobe simple and to the point. Don't let your clothing distract or take away from you in the picture. Save all of your other to-die-for outfits for your photo shoots!

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