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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Okay, we all love to play with our hair, change it up and try out different looks. If this describes you, you might be a little disappointed if you're trying to be a model.

When submitting your photos to agencies, keep in mind the way your hair is. Is it dyed? Highlighted? Cut really short? If you end up getting signed, this look is the one that your agent will want you to keep, especially after you've taken pictures and put together a professional modeling portfolio.

With that in mind, don't submit your photos if you think you may want to change up your hair color or style. Do that first, and then take pictures to submit. It'll help if you don't feel the need to be a chameleon after a few months. Any changes you want to make to your hair have to be run by your agent first.

If you're allowed the change, you also have to redo all your photos because obviously you won't look the same. Or maybe you got signed with your super cute streaks but your agent says they've got to go. Those are also possibilities you need to keep in mind and think about how you would react.

So, if you're actively searching for agency representation, be sure to be comfortable with your hair as it is for a while. Any drastic changes may hurt your chances of either getting an agent or of getting bookings if you have representation.

If your hair is really short and you want to grow it out, explain that to your agent and see if you can compromise. You may be allowed to grow your hair out without having to redo your photos until it gets to a length where it's obvious that your look is different.

In this industry, you are the product of an agency and it's the agent's responsibility to market your look to clients that they feel you would best represent. And sometimes that involves either a makeover you may not think is necessary or having to change yourself to suit their ideal. This all comes with the territory.

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