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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Being a model does involve makeup artists and hair stylists and who doesn't want to be pampered and fussed over? But if you're just beginning, you may not have the money or the resources to have your own entourage. In these types of situations, it's good to know how to do your own makeup.

Let me say that the natural look will always benefit you better when you're putting together your portfolio, especially if you're a teen. Agencies love the youthful, fresh-faced look. Don't scare them off by slapping on too much makeup. If they wanted a 25-year-old model, they'd request one, trust me!

Look your age. That being said, for younger girls between the ages of 13 and 16, please keep your makeup to a minimum. You most likely don't need foundation. Opt for tinted moisturizers. Lip gloss instead of lipstick is ideal and if you choose to wear mascara in your photos, use one coat--no tarantula eyes please!

It's important to know what colors work well with your complexion and what brands will be good for your skin. If you are prone to breakouts or the occasional pimple, learn how to use coverup to make your complexion appear flawless.

Depending on the nature of the photo shoot, you may have to glam up a little bit more than usual. In these instances, you'll obviously have to wear a little bit more makeup. But as a general rule, always remember: less is more.

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